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  • Cavalry In The Civil War

    Throughout the Civil War‚ cavalry played an important part. Calvary is a series of strategies using horses and mules‚ for instance‚ they used it to scout and screen. It was also used for messengers and orderlies which was a poor use for calvary (civilwarcalvary.com). Their uniforms were dark blue if one were in volunteer cavalry‚ which meant they also had to wear light blue trousers. The calvary riders had to wear uniforms with yellow stripes on their pants along with a yellow trim on their jackets

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  • Horses in Ancient Greece

    good pasture so expensive‚ horses remained a symbol of wealth throughout all of Greek history. They were used mainly for the "essentially upper-class pastimes of hunting and racing in peacetime and for cavalry service during wartime." Although horses were generally purchased for use in the Greek cavalry‚ very little money came from the government for their upkeep. What did come was in the form of a loan‚ to be paid back upon the horse’s death or loss of usefulness. Tremendous amounts of money went

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  • Roman Cavalry

    where the Romans faced Pyrrhus. The Romans outnumbered the Greeks significantly‚ but they suffered a critical defeat in which they lost thousands of soldiers. The Roman cavalry faced off against the greatly feared Thessalian heavy cavalry: "On the flanks‚ however‚ the Roman cavalry would face the famous Thessalian heavy cavalry and others modeled on Alexander’s Companions‚ commanded by the king himself" (Sidnell‚ 165). They more than held their own against these elite warriors "Far from being overwhelmed

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  • Cavalry Maiden

    The Cavalry Maiden Nadezhda Durova and Her Freedom The Cavalry Maiden‚ by: Nadezhda Durova and translated by Mary Fleming Zirin‚ is a journal about a Russian officer in the Napoleonic Wars. Nadezhda Durova is a woman who left home at age twenty-three to join a regiment. Every since a young age Durova was interested in nature and things that were young men interest. It is believed that this stemmed from not being loved by her mother. She was attached to her father‚ who was a captain

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  • War Horse

    named Joey and a young man called Albert‚ who tames and trains him. When they are forcefully parted‚ the film follows the extraordinary journey of the horse as he moves through the war‚ changing and inspiring the lives of all those he meets-British cavalry‚ German soldiers‚ and a French farmer and his granddaughter-before the story reaches its emotional climax in the heart of the battle. The World War I is experienced through the journey of this horse-a journey of joy and sorrow‚ passionate friendship

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  • The Battle of Agincourt: Revisited

    into an all out charge with the cavalry and men at arms all sprinting at once to try and get the glory of drawing the first English blood. All the cavalry succeeded in doing was squeeze in too tightly‚ as the field funnelled in‚ to use their weapons. Also due to the squeeze‚ some horses fell over‚ but when people or animals are packed in a tight bunch‚ if one horse or person falls over‚ a whole heap of people or animals fall over. This happened with the cavalry and the men-at-arms. However‚ the

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  • The Charge of the Light Brigade

    The poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" uses imagery and figurative language to create the tone of exhilaration and the theme of honouring the qualities of the Light Brigade. The poem is an allusion to an actual light cavalry brigade who fought against the Russian army in the Crimean War. Throughout the poem‚ the poet uses strong imagery and metaphors to help describe the dangers that the Brigade faced‚ which in turn explained the reason to honour the Brigade for their victory. Furthermore‚ the

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  • The Greek Phalanx Vs the Roman Legion

    The Greek Phalanx and the Roman Legion were two of the most revolutionary war tactics created in the ancient warfare era. The Greek Phalanx and the Roman Legion both brought new and more efficient ways of defeating ones enemy by incorporating genius tactical formations. They both changed the way war would be fought during their time of existence. As deadly and effective both of these war tactics were‚ they have various things in common‚ as well as a number of differences. To truly understand both

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  • eliacin sandrine war horse essay FINAL

    lost his best friend‚ who is a horse named Joey to become a part of the calvary and is determined to find Joey no matter what or how long it took. These horses were used for transporting resources and carrying soldiers into battle as part of the cavalry. War Horse is about a soldier who lost his horse and is determined to find him during the war. In World War 1 horses were essential to helping the army win the war.They were used for transporting the wounded‚ transporting resources and carrying soldiers

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  • The Buffalo Soldiers

    first time.[1] WHO WERE THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS? The first men to serve in all-black army units did so in the Union Army‚ during the Civil War. The initial all-black regiment‚ the 54th Massachusetts‚ Four infantry and two cavalry regiments were created‚ the 9th and 10th cavalries and the 38th‚ 39th‚ 40th and 41st infantries. Many joined for the adventure but‚ more often‚ they were seeking the opportunity to make a new beginning in the aftermath of slavery and to prove their equality with other men

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