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  • Ancient Olympic Games

    behind the Olympics exist today. Such as customs‚ ceremonies‚ rules‚ events‚ participants  and sponsors. Nowadays the Olympics are advertised worldwide‚ and sponsors like Gatorade and Wheaties thrive off of the games. But were there sponsors of the games back in 776 or would the best athletes compete for nothing but pride and glory‚ and not endorsements? Modern day olympians

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  • Ancient Olympics GAmes

    Ancient Olympics The first ancient Olympic Games can be set back to 776 B.C and went on until 393 A.D‚ according to historical records. The Games lasted for twelve centuries and were dedicated to gods of the Olympians. As these games went on‚ Olympia became the site of these ancient games. The site of the Ancient Olympics is located in the western part of Peloponnese. According to Greek mythology‚ Peloponnese is the island of Pelops‚ the founder of the Olympic Games. Olympia‚ Greece is where

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  • The Ancient Olympic Games

    The Ancient Olympic Games is a series of competitions held between representatives of several city-states from Ancient Greece‚ which featured mainly athletic but also combat and chariot racing events.[1] The origin of these Olympics is shrouded in mystery and legend.[2] One of the most popular myths identifies Heracles and his father Zeus as the progenitors of the Games.[3][4][5] According to legend‚ it was Heracles who first called the Games "Olympic" and established the custom of holding them every

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  • Ancient Olympic Games - Essay

    History and Origin of the Ancient Olympic Games Stephanie Butcher History 301 History of Ancient Greece 05/26/2012 Introduction The ancient Olympic games represent a part of Ancient Greek history that the world continues to celebrate today. Every four years world nations gather at a specific site to compete in the Olympic games. This coming together of world nations symbolizes a time of peace and unity among the world. With every victory came honor‚ glory and pride for the winning

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  • Ancient Olympic Games

    Choose the correct variant. 1. Competitions involving physical strength___________________ A. have interested people since the 19th century B. date from prehistoric times C. were initiated by the American Indians 2. Interest in sports and games increased_________ A. as a result of greater participation in them B. during the 19th century C. due to the improvement of the facilities and wider coverage of the events 3. The phrase "Administered by Jockey Club" means:__________ A. the

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  • Ancient Olympics

    Andrew Blue Mrs. Harris 18 March 2005 World History 1 History of the Ancient Olympic Games The Ancient Greek Olympics were not only sporting events‚ it was a celebration to honor the great and powerful Zeus. The Ancient Olympics were held every four years at the famous Olympia‚ a district of Elis‚ here all free Greek men were allowed to compete. The first record of the Olympic Games was held in 776 B.C. The main sports were the Pentathlon‚ the Equestrian Events‚ Pankration‚ and Boxing. The

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  • Olympic Games

    Olympic Games The Olympic Games started off as a series of athletic events to honor the gods. The games have begun in the early 700 BC in honor of the god Zeus. No women were allowed to watch the games and only Greek nationals could participate. The games were held every four years. In honor of the god Zeus a statue was built out of gold and ivory by a Greek sculptor. In the games 100 oxen were sacrificed and many athletes would make sacrifices themselves. In the games boxing was a brutal sport

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  • The Olympic Games

    The Olympic Games of Ancient Greece and What They Represented The ancient Olympic games were primarily part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus‚ the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. The festival and the Games were held in Olympia‚ a rural sanctuary site in western Peloponnesia. The Greeks invented athletic contests and held them in honor of their many gods and Zeus. The Isthmos games were staged every two years at the Isthmos of Corinth. The Pythian games took place every four years

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  • The Ancient Olympics

    The Ancient Olympics Today‚ the Olympic games are known world wide‚ but it did not always used to be this way. Early Olympic games were much different than they are today. The games played and those who attended them were some of the biggest differences. Today’s Olympics have competitors from around the world. There are now hundreds of events in the modern athletic competition. This is a significant difference compared to the amount of events in the ancient Olympic games. The modern Olympics

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  • Is There Evidence of Female Participation in the Ancient Olympic Games?

    1: Women and Sport in the Ancient World Is there evidence of female participation in the ancient Olympic Games? According to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) there have been over 30‚923 women participating in the modern Olympic Games over the period of 108 years since the first women participated at the 1900 Paris Olympic Games. At the latest Olympic Games held in Beijing‚ out of the 11‚196 total athletes‚ 4‚746 were women that were involved at the Games. Although female participation

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