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Brian Blake FSNU 200 Professor Dr. Ludwig 4/25/2015 Bodybuilding and Supplements Supplements are such a vital tool for building muscles, which is why supplements and bodybuilding go hand in hand. Bodybuilders go to the gym to sculpt their body and the supplements are supposed to help aid your body. Of course you do not need supplements to grow muscles, but it helps repair muscle much faster. There are many supplements that bodybuilders take in order to achieve their ideal body and those supplements...

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Strength training vs Bodybuilding

Running Head: WHY BODY BUILD WHY BODY BUILD WHEN YOU CAN STRENGTH TRAIN   Abstract Studies have shown that there are benefits to strength training and bodybuilding. The health benefits to strength training overshadow the reasons to body build. While, both types of training involve weightlifting, there are quite a few variances in the way there workouts are completed. The way the muscle grows or appears to grow in these different styles of training are completely different...

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Bodybuilding: Motivation and Self Discipline

The Wisdom of Bodybuilding At times, bodybuilding seems to get a negative reputation. This is mainly due to the substance abuse associated with the sport, and the fact that critics often focus on the negative aspects of bodybuilding. However, bodybuilding has many benefits for those who do it. These include: self – discipline, goal setting, nutrition, mental strength, and most importantly, strong motivation to achieve one’s personal best. This key self – motivation is what all other benefits...

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Arnold's Philosophy on Bodybuilding

brought bodybuilding to the masses. In his novel, Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder, he thoroughly describes his philosophies and gives the reader insight on how to become just like him by following simple workout routines. Arnold's approach to bodybuilding was more mental than physical. For him, it was, and still is, all or nothing. While competing, he did not go through the motions; he worked out to be larger than life. In one of his most powerful philosophies he connected bodybuilding to the...

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S There a Difference Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting?

Arnst Pre-Degree ILAC June 28th, 2013 Is there a difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting? "Power lifters spend time looking in the mirror. Not in the sense that body-builders do, but more to observe the total structure. More to observe the tremendous power that resides within" (Fred Hatfield). Bodybuilding and power lifting is not just a sport, for some people it is also a way of life. The choice to make a bodybuilding career or power lifting depends on whether an athlete wants to achieve...

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Role of Supplements in Bodybuilding

Role of Supplements in Bodybuilding Bodybuilding has always been directly linked with supplements. In today’s world, supplements have taken over dietary nutrition. From an infant age only supplements become part of a child’s life. Supplements are of many forms, from bourn-vita and glucose to steroids; the list is endless. However, this essay will focus only on role of supplements in a bodybuilder’s life. No man was born with a bulky muscular body. It takes a lot to gain muscle size. Supplements...

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bodybuilding vs powerlifting

 11/21/13 Compare/Contrast Essay Bodybuilding & Power lifting In a way going to the gym is a starting point, its what you do there that defines you. Lifting weights isn’t just being a “meathead” bodybuilding and power lifting almost becomes a science, more so in bodybuilding this rule applies. Bodybuilding is not simple picking things up and putting them down, its a science like I stated earlier this is because as body builders we follow certain rep ranges, certain form, control the tension...

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Bodybuilding competition can be held by local or oversea organization. For example: INBA, IFBB, CBBA, HKCBBA, etc. There are some differences in those competitions.First, the categories of the competition are different. In 2014 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships cum 5th South China Bodybuilding Invitational Championship, there are 13 types, for example: “Men’s Youth bodybuilding championship, Student Men’s Athletic Physique Championship, HK Junior Men’s Bodybuilding Championship, Men’s Fitness...

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Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding

Andrew Jankowski ENG 1055 10/15/14 CE3 Power lifting vs. Bodybuilding The sports of Bodybuilding and Power lifting may seem like the same thing to most, when in fact, they are worlds apart. The same basic guidelines and principals apply to each, but the way in which the goals are met, are completely different. Most people would view a large muscular person as being fit, and strong, but that is not always the case. Likewise, the same people might think a seemingly overweight person would not...

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Building Muscle: Bodybuilding

How to “bulk up” properly for bodybuilding Have you ever wondered how to gain the muscle without gaining a lot of body fat? Here I will explain to you why bulking is of substantial importance in the sport of bodybuilding. I will inform you on what kind of a diet you should follow, when to bulk, the training that goes along with it, and proper rest to ensure that you get maximum muscle growth. Most bodybuilders bulk up to gain size, muscle and strength. If I wanted to compete even at the amateur...

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