Topics: Hong Kong, Bodybuilding, South China Sea Pages: 1 (454 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Bodybuilding competition can be held by local or oversea organization. For example: INBA, IFBB, CBBA, HKCBBA, etc. There are some differences in those competitions.First, the categories of the competition are different. In 2014 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships cum 5th South China Bodybuilding Invitational Championship, there are 13 types, for example: “Men’s Youth bodybuilding championship, Student Men’s Athletic Physique Championship, HK Junior Men’s Bodybuilding Championship, Men’s Fitness Physique Championship, etc.”; In 2005 INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) Natural Olympia CCSN Performing Arts Center, there are over 15types of categories, for example: “Fitness, teenage Men 13-17, Teenage Men 18-19, Junior Men ,Open Men & Women(short/medium/tall), Physically Challenged of Wheelchair, Standing ,Mixed Pairs ,Bikini Divas, etc.” Compared with Hong Kong, oversea competitions have more categories, and more types in competition. For example, there are Physically Challenged of Wheelchair and divided in “Teenage men” in to two groups but Hong Kong’s “Youth group” form a group only, which under aged 21 and didn’t have Physically Challenged. Also, in HK, there are competitions for “Student” but oversea competitions have not.Second, the scales of the competition are different. In local competition (HKCBBA), most of the competitions are small-scale, such as “HK Bodybuilding Beach Championship” or “Yan Oi Tong Bodybuilding Championships ”; in oversea, the competitions are large-scale, such as “IFBB World Fitness Championships”(Canada) or “World Ladies Cup Fitness And Bikini”(Ukraine).As it show that oversea competition are ‘International’ as they held in different countries but the local competition most of them are held in cities or districts.Third, the number of round is different. In local competition, for example, in Hong Kong Bodybuilding Beach Championship, there are only two rounds, which are “Prejudging” and ”Final”; but in the...
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