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Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

by a fourth year medical student at the University of the West Indies reported that pregnant unmarried teenagers form the biggest single social problem in Jamaica. From the study it was concluded that teenagers were responsible for 16% of the total births in Jamaica, i.e. for some 9,300 babies. There are many factors contributing to the high incidence of early pregnancy: (1) Lack of Parenting Guidance; (2)Lack of basic education; (3) Inadequate knowledge about safe sex (4) Exploitation by older men...

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Teen Pregnancy

expecting. There are great opportunities everywhere that can help get a teen mom her life back. All these girls need is love and encouragement. There are some goals set up by the President’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI): “reduce teen birth rates by 10% in targeted communities, reduce teen pregnancies in targeted communities, increase the percentage of youth who abstain from or delay sexual intercourse, and increase the consistent and correct use of condoms and other effective methods...

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Same Sex Marriage

church to put marital restrictions. The church is simply acknowledging God's intention for marriage. It is the church's opinion that sexual revolutions have had negative repercussion on the institution of marriage. Good examples are out-of-wedlock births and no-fault divorce. To the church, the institution of marriage is a keystone to human civilization and developments, and any issues pertaining to marriage must be conducted in radical and untested social experiments. While opponents of same sex-marriage...

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Should Sex Education Be Taught in Public Schools?

as early as primary school. For children whose parents are always away from them, sex education is needed so that they will not lose track of the right path. Through sex education, students will learn the truth about sex and they will be able to control themselves and make proper decisions. Well, at least that is what we should all hope for....

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Abortion Is Immoral ?

Library. Johnston, W.R. (4 June 2008). Historical abortions statistics: United States, Johnston’s Archive. http://www.johnstonarchive.net/policy/abortion/ab-unitedstates.html. Johnston, W.R. (2000). Almanac of Policy Issues. Centers for Disease Control. Retrieved February 4, 2009, from http://www.policyalmanac.org/culture/archive/abortion_statistics.shtml Terwilliger, M. (2001). Some reasons to decide against abortion. Teen decisions: Pregnancy. W. Dudley (Ed.), San Diego: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved...

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Baby Dumping in Malaysia Among Teenagers

refers to discarding or leaving alone, for an extended period of time, a child younger than 12 months of age in a public or private setting with the intent to dispose of the child. The worse situation of this issue also can be seen when a girl gives birth in a school bathroom at night then throws the baby into the garbage or in the toilet bowl, also when a baby flung in the chicken coop, a baby swaddled in newspapers left squalling by a fly-infested dustbin, a baby abandoned under the harsh sun...

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An Analytical Examination of RA 10354 (Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012) Issues and Different Views on It

to protect reproductive health rights and to penalize those who restricts or prohibits the access to reproductive health care and methods stated in this law. The law mandates the hire of skilled health professionals for maternal health care and birth attendance, seen in Sec.5. It also promotes the upgrade of health care facilities for obstetric and newborn care as stated in Sec.6 and to access for family planning methods especially to the poor and marginalized couple and to sexually active minors...

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Causes of Baby Dumping

on. Abortion is a risky action which can be fatal to the mother. But being in desperate situation like this, they cannot think rationally anymore. But not all of them are having enough gut to take the risk for abortion. Some of them decided to give birth to the baby, but then at the end of it, because of some reasons, they dump the baby without hesitate. Dump the baby means that they throw away the babies at any places without taking care of it later. Usually the babies were dump just after they were...

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Abstinence: Human Sexuality and Sex

religious extremists and the politicians who pander when they are making new laws against teen sex, arresting children for normal sexual experiences, working to deny the children normal sex education, and making attempt after attempt to censor and control what you are allowed to see and read" (All About Sex – Topics for Teens 1). It's not right to punish teens that participate in intercourse for the power of love. (All About Sex – Topics for Teens 1). There is not set right or wrong time when...

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Zazoo Condom Advertisement Analysis Using Hofestede's Five Dimensions

The statement of discouraging people to have kids and portraying parenthood as an embarrassment offended them and created a rejecting reputation of Zazoo Condoms. Furthermore, in collectivist countries birth rates are higher than in individualistic countries. The ad unintentionally praises low birth rates not only by picturing children as a problem, but also by advertising condoms alone. These cultural differences show how Hofstede’s concept of individualism and collectivism explains the difference...

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