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Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill

Pregnancy conception rate by 2010. Research has shown that the increased availability and accessibility of the emergency contraceptive pill, (EC) has not had an impact on the new found reduction in the rate of unplanned pregnancy. Using a problem solving approach the author will examine how the nurse should influence and raise awareness of the availability of the emergency contraception pill, levonorgestrel 1.5 mg, during consultation with young teenagers, for long acting reversible contraception. For the...

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Positive and Negative Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives

Positive and Negative Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives This paper closely discusses both the positives and negatives of the use of hormonal contraceptives. The question of its benefits versus risks is even more imperative as it affects far more people than other hot topics like death penalty or euthanasia. We are not talking about a couple of horrific criminals but about 100 million women all across the world who take hormonal contraceptives. As with every drug there are always...

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 Contraceptive By Rina Rusi Human Sexuality Prof. Elona Gjebrea UNYT Contraception is a deliberate prevention of pregnancy using any of several methods ranging from natural to scientific ones. There are a variety of methods available in accordance to its nature of use. Some methods provide short term birth control facility whereas some other provides permanent or long term birth control facility. The following paper discusses some of the most popular reversible and irreversible...

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An Acceptable Lifestyle Change: Birth Control Contraceptive Methods

An Acceptable Lifestyle Change: Birth Control Contraceptive Methods The habitants in today’s era have a greater advantage than those who lived in previous eras before this time. Through this time era, a greater amount of actions, duties, and ideas have been considered to be acceptable rather than inacceptable and looked down upon on for performing them, being a part of it, or simply just being for it. For instance, sex before marriage before in different time periods was completely inacceptable...

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Artificial Contraceptives

Written Report in Mapeh Group II Artificial Contraceptives and Natural Family Planning Artificial contraception, also known as birth control, are medications used to prevent pregnancy. The primary type of artificial contraception is the birth control pill. Types: Mechanical Devices – materials that are inserted or fitted to the reproductive system to prevent pregnancy. Such mechanical devices are condoms, which are inserted to the male genitalia, diaphragm, which is inserted to the...

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Plan B: Emergency Contraceptives

pregnancies are unplanned. This is where emergency contraceptives come into play. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the Plan B pill is used as a backup plan after unprotected sex or birth control failure. According to the Plan B One-Step website, taking the pill in the first 72 hours this pill in 89 percent effective on preventing the fertilization of an egg. However, taking Plan B in the first 24 hours has the highest effectiveness. The Plan B pill is sold over-the-counter and there’s no prescription...

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Contraceptive Options chart

Contraceptive Failure Rate Typical Use Perfect Use Advantages Disadvantages Protection against STIs None 100% chance getting pregnant 100% chance getting pregnant Don’t have to worry about using anything 100% chance getting pregnant At risk getting STI Withdrawal Can be used to prevent pregnancy No medical or hormonal side effects. No prescription is necessary. It is free it isn't for men that don't have enough self-control or trust Doesn’t protect against STI Male Condom 15%...

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Benefits of Triphasic Contraceptives

The Benefits of Triphasic Contraceptives A review of the benefits of triphasic combined oral contraceptives when compared to today’s low-dose monophasic alternatives. Introduction: Since their introduction in 1961, oestrogen-progestogen combined oral contraceptive (COC) pills have provided women with an effective and effortless means of contraception for 50 years [1]. Taken by 17% of all women of reproductive age, they are amongst the most widely prescribed drugs in the U.K. today[2]. Hitherto...

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The Morning After Pill

be informed. There has been a pill made available to women as young as 15 years old who may find themselves in these situations. The morning after pill known as Plan-B, is a very controversial subject. There are many positives, negatives and ethical dilemmas that have to do with using the pill. Although this form of emergency contraception has been on the market for many years and has been useful in avoiding unwanted pregnancies, the distribution of this pill over the counter to girls of age15...

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Birth Control Pill

The Little Pill That Could In a time when women had no freedom other than being housewives and baby factories, one woman took a stand for every woman's rights as a human being. In the late 1800s birth control, a term coined by Margaret Sanger in her newspaper, Women Rebel, in 1914, was considered to be immoral by most religious groups. Sanger pleaded with society to implement some form of birth control so as to give aid to her fellow women who were looked on as nothing more than objects that would...

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