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Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is a cyclic process in females that, on average, occurs every 28 days. The purpose of the menstrual cycle is to help prepare the body for potential fertilization, implantation, and, consequently, pregnancy. The happenings of the menstrual cycle are consequences of the simultaneously occurring ovarian cycle and uterine cycle. The ovarian cycle occurs in the ovaries and carries out the follicular phase, which spans the first 14 days of a new menstrual cycle. The result is ovulation...

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Notes on Menstrual Cycle

4Action  of  hormones  in  the  Menstrual  Cycle     The Ovarian Cycle  The cycle begins with the release from the hypothalamus of gonadotrophin – releasing hormone (GnRH), which  stimulates the pituitary to secrete small amounts of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinising Hormone (LH).  The FSH stimulates follicle growth, aided by LH and  the cells of the growing follicles start to make estrogen. Notice in figure(d) that there is a slow rise in the amount of estrogen...

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Endometriosis: Menstrual Cycle and Staff

or around the lung or brain. Endometrial implants, while they can cause problems, are benign (Stoppler, 2011). In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would: It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. And because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions, which is the abnormal tissue that binds organs together (Staff, 2010)...

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Menstrual Cycle 101

periods at different times of the month. Also the length (in days) of a period varies. Although the period closely revolves on a 28 day cycle, where the first day is when the bleeding begins. During the bleeding process, and a few days after, a new egg is getting ready to travel down the fallopian tube (ovulation). The next thing which happens in the middle of the cycle, around day 14 of 28, is where to ovulation song that we sung earlier comes in. While the egg is actually traveling, that is when the...

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Menstrual Cycle and Complain Patient Complain

Race : Malay Religion : Islam Address : Bukit Tinggi, Klang Occupation : Account Executive Gravida : 3 Para : 2 Period of Amenorrhea : 39 weeks Date of Admission : 24 October 2012 Date of Examination : 24 October 2012 Last Menstrual Period : 25 January 2012 Expected Due Date : 1 November 2012 Chief Complain Patient complain of severe colicky pain starting at the suprapubic region radiating to the back, since 2:15am on 24 October 2012 until present . History of...

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Hormone Levels During the Menstrual Cycle

Lab Exercise 8.5.1 Hormone Levels During The Menstrual Cycle a) WX represents the hormones, which stimulate the follicle, FSH, and YZ represents the thickening of the corpus luteum, done by LH, which produces progesterone (Y). b) The ovarian hormones released by WX is estrogen and progesterone is released by YZ. c) Estrogen and progesterone exert negative feedback effects. d) See attached graph. e) See attached graph. f) Before ovulation the temperature slowly decreases and...

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Menstrual Pain

especially when they are in their teens. In most cases, menstrual pain does not mean a more serious problems, although sometimes it can be associated with endometriosis or uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors in the uterus. Menstrual pain is oftenly used synonymously with menstrual cramps, but the latter may also refer to menstrual uterine contractions, which are generally of higher strength, duration and frequency than in the rest of the menstrual cycle. Dysmenorrhea can feature different kinds of pain...

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Is menstrual supression a good idea?

woman who said that she had an enjoyable menstrual cycle. I obviously wasn’t around when this happened, but I can only imagine the excitement that arouse during the release of birth control pills. Not only do women take these magical little capsules to keep from getting pregnant, but for many females taking the pill has many other benefits as well. For those ladies that suffer with irregular and unreliable periods, the pill might be for you. It gets your cycle on track so between you and your special...

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Investigation of Reproduction and Development in Animals: Cycles, Conception, and Contraception

Investigation of Reproduction and Development in Animals Due Date: 12/9/96 Cycles, Conception and Contraception Fertility is the condition of being fertile. The aim of contraception is to inhibit fertility in individuals, hence, slowing population growth. The system by which all female contraception must operate: the menstrual cycle. What is the menstrual cycle? and what hormones are involved in controlling it? After puberty, the female produces an egg each month. Other changes take place on...

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Life Cycle of Sperm and Egg

| | | | | The Life Cycle of the Sperm and Egg From Beginning to End | Adianez LabrielPSY 265 Phoenix University December 14, 2012 | Table of Contents The Life Cycle of the Egg 1 The female sex organ 1-2 The Male Sex Organ. 3 The female and male sex organs and their functions………....……..4 The Life Cycle of the Sperm and Egg From Beginning to End When asked how did I get pregnant? It seems like a rhetorical question. Of course many would say well you had sex Watson...

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