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Erika Riemann’s Oral Testimony on Life in East Germany During the Cold War

Erika Riemann’s oral testimony on life in East Germany during the Cold War Erika Riemann was a teenager living in East Germany at the end of World War II. Her oral testimony describes her experiences as a political prisoner during the cold war. She was arrested in 1945 for drawing a bow on a portrait of Stalin that hung in her school classroom. At the time of her arrest she was only 14 years old. After World War II Germany was left devastated and in ruins. There had been massive destruction...

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Critical Analysis of the Oral Testimony of Maya Rani on the Partition of India

is also a narrative of religious nationalism, displacement and communal violence between the two nation states of India and Pakistan or more definitively the Muslims and Hindus. In Urvashi Butalia’s (2000, pp.264-300) “The Other Side of Silence” the oral testimony of Maya Rani, a Punjabi woman who was a child living in Pakistan during the Partition is particularly important to the histiography surrounding the event as it is told from a different perspective by a person not directly involved in the...

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Combined Cycle Power Plant

Proceedings of 2000 International Joint Power Generation Conference Proceedings of Insert Conference Abbreviation: Miami Beach, Florida, July 23-26, 2000 Insert Conference Name Insert Conference Date and Location IJPGC2000-15031 Paper Number Here Combined Cycle Heat Recovery Optimization A. Ragland, Vogt-NEM W. Stenzel- EPRIsolutions ABSTRACT The US electrical power industry has changed from a regulated business where utilities were virtually guaranteed a rate of retum to an unregulated business...

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African American Oral Tradition

Summary of Oral Tradition Tommy Crisonino Modern African American Literature was formed under a stressful time for Africans, slavery. The only way the stories of the indigenous people of Africa were passed down was through oral recollections, or stories of the events. In America this was especially difficult for the slaves because of laws preventing them from learning English. By not being allowed to learn English, the slaves had to learn English solely on auditory purposes. This essentially...

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An Vansina’s Methodology on Oral Tradition

straightforward categories: written and oral. Written sources have always been more “consumed” by bookworms because whatever authentically, dated written documents can be re-interpreted by historians from exactly when they were written. Oral sources, on the other hand, lack an exact chronology. To even consider the amount of possible deviations which can occur over a single generation, implies that oral sources are slightly more capricious historical sources. Oral sources, usually bequeathed to ensuing...

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Good Oral Health Is a Necessity for a Human Being to Live a Quality Life

Teeth Whitening, Dental implant & their significance in good Oral health Good oral health is a necessity for a human being to live a quality life. It brings self-esteem, dignity, social integration and also plays a big role, while judging one's personality. To maintain excellent oral health, a thorough dental checkup is needed on a regular basis. Meanwhile, you also have to check the overall hygiene of your teeth and gums and r the methods you use at your home are appropriate and sufficient...

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Analyse the Effectiveness of Oral and Written Communications in the Hairdressing Salon.

Analyse the effectiveness of oral and written communications in the hairdressing salon. Memo The memo was well written and it was conveying a professional image for the salon. It goes right to the point and easy to read. It doesn’t take to much time to read it because it’s written in few details. You can receives it from any were as long as you have your memo with you. The memo is fast it doesn’t take more than five minutes for somebody to receive it if it is sent by email. A manager can send...

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Food for Thought

Tetracycline- pt with nausea and anorexia- drink full glass of water with this med During antibiotic therapy- if on estrogen contraceptive- teach to use different method of birth control because it wont work Decrease in white blood cell count to know antibiotic is effective Four generations of cephlasporins- differential Antimicrobial activity Procalaptic therapy- oral surgery Beta-lactamase inhibitors are often used with what class of antibiotics- penicillians- and they are used to extend life...

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Dental Treatments in India – Boosts Up Your Oral Health

Keeping up good oral health can help prevent most of the dental problems to an extent. Dental Treatments are becoming quite expensive and proper care should be taken before going for any dental procedure. You must ensure that your teeth are well taken care of. Dental problems are increasing enormously in today’s fast lifestyle. People with diverse dental problems find it hard to get the correct guidance and proper management of all their dental needs. They have to rush here and there, from specialists...

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Oral Speech

Should priests have to report to police, confessions about child abuse and other crimes? Anna Vu Prime Minister Julia Gillard says using the seal of the confessional to cover up child abuse is a "sin of omission" because all adults have a duty of care towards children. “It's not good enough for people to engage in sin of omission and not act when a child is at risk," she said. From this statement you can tell what I’m going to be talking to you about in this public meeting. My name is Justine...

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