Sexual Education In Public Schools

Topics: Birth control, Human sexual behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: December 11, 2013

Sexual Education in Public Schools
Sex education should be taught in public schools in the Philippines because people or the youth should be educated on the matter in order to avoid consequences they might regret, consequences like teenage pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education can also helps keep children from sexual abuse. But that is not the only problem; let us not forget that the high birth rate here in our country is being blamed for poverty. Sex education also covers issues like homosexuality and relationships, issues that are not usually covered in household conversations. Children and teens need good information about sex, sexual relationships, reproduction and birth control, sexually-transmitted diseases, and sexual abuse. Information is power, and in this high-risk day and age, children and teens need all the information they can get. To deny information about sex and the possibility of sexual abuse, as well as information about reproduction and disease, puts all children at risk. Refusing to talk about sex does not mean that children are safe, that nothing bad will happen to them. Only by opening up the discussion about sex, and beginning to talk to children at young age, will we ever be able to protect them from abuse. Ultimately it will only be when sex and sexual abuse are commonplace topics of conversation will perpetrators being held accountable. Only then will our society ever truly be able to prevent one of the most tragic things that can happen to a child. Sex education can also help avoid unwanted teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases because student will have an idea about contraceptives and practicing safe sex. They will have an idea about the different types of contraceptives and its effects. The students will know about consequences if they practice unsafe sex and they will have knowledge about different diseases you can get and how serious some of them are. Like for example...
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