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DESCRIPTION Architects use their knowledge of physics to make sure the building is a safe place, and people are comfortable to be inside the building. They don’t necessarily need to actually do the physics calculations, but they do need to understand the concepts in order to meet certain requirements. There are normally engineers and specialists who work with the numbers. For example, physics comes in when architects are trying to design an energy efficient building. Architects use their knowledge...

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Architects and Transportation Engineers

individual and specialized tasks, but this paper will only talk about two; architects and transportation engineers. All engineers essentially do the same thing, but each one is special. Architects and transportation engineers each design and build structures. Architects build structures for people to live and work in while transportation engineers build and design ways to get from one place to another. The first architects were the Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids. 4,000 years ago, Asians...

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I Want to Be an Architect

buildings and architecture, a career as an architect may be a wonderful career option for you. Architects create, design, and construct the fabulous buildings that are an integral part of our lives. Architects are people that not only have a large amount of creativity and imagination, but a tremendous amount of technical knowledge as well. Training as an architect is a long process requiring extensive education but the results are well worth it. Becoming an architect requires a good deal of training....

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Sperry/Maclennan Architects and Planners

Read Case 3-2, “Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners,” located at the end of Chapter 3 in the text, Marketing Research, by Aaker, Kumar, and Day. Prepare a 1,050-1,400-word case study analysis of the case. Be sure to address the following in your analysis: a. Describe the situation discussed in the case. b. Identify the key issues for the organization in your selected case. c. Discuss possible ways in which the organization can address these issues. d. Based on your analysis of the case,...

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Civil Engineer vs. Architect

org/wiki/Civil_engineer#Specialization Architect:Job description Architects work in the construction industry and are involved with designing new buildings, extensions or alterations to existing buildings, or advising on the restoration and conservation of old properties. They can work on individual buildings or on large redevelopment schemes, and can be responsible for the design of the surrounding landscape and spaces. Architects work closely with their client and users to make sure that projected...

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Whats It Take to Become a Landscape Architect?

What Does It Take To Become A Landscape Architect? People today really don't like the idea of becoming a Landscape Architect; they believe the work is too difficult for anyone to do. But, there are some people that don't mind the work and believe that it is worth their time. These types of people enjoy the product of their ideas, not what work goes into it. The Landscape Architecture is a combination of art and science; however, architects have a lot to deal with concerning the complex relationships...

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stated that focusing only in one would not allow the architect to have success. If the architect doesn’t have enough intellectual and cultural knowledge, his works would lack of prestige and admiration. On the other hand, if he only focuses in the intellectual side, he wouldn’t be able to project what’s on his mind. The ones that have a balance and are good in both have more weapons to accomplish their goals. There are two terms which architects should dominate, the “signified” and the “significance”...

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My Architect

The documentary “My Architect”, directed by Louis Kahn's son, Nathaniel, presents some striking aspects of the architect's life. I think some of the most important aspects of this movie are how Khan interacted with the different people surrounding him, and what these persons have to say about him now. Everybody seemed to agree that Louis Kahn was a very mysterious person. At work, he didn't talk about his family, to him it was personal. He was lonely too, and never really settled anywhere : he...

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Professional and Design Liability

BE0892 Practice Specialisation Professional Liability Liability for injury, including bodily or personal injury or death, and property damage arising out of the negligent act or omission of a professional, ie, pharmacist, physician, attorney, architect, engineer, in performance of their professional activities. How can liability arise? Contract Tort Statute and regulations e.g. Supply of Goods and Services Act, Building Regs. Express terms Implied terms Negligence ‘Nonnegligence’ ...

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Vitruvius annotation

Vitruvius Pollio Book I Chapter I: The Education of the Architect Marcos Vitruvius Pollio was a military engineer and architectural theorist of whom was the earliest whose writing remains from ancient times.1 His writing, “The Ten Books on Architecture” was lost for centuries until it was rediscovered in 1414 at the Swiss Monastery of St. Gall. 2In this extract from the book specifically chapter one Vitruvius speaks of the education of the architect. 3 He includes a broader range of subjects than the...

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