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Lily, S Consultation with Hostile Corporations -Case

discrete projects, had a consulting agreement with Green Acres School System in Northern Virginia to resolve some issues arising from the construction of two new high schools. Unseasonable rains, contractor delays, weather issues, disagreements between architects and the school board were some factors contributing to the delays. With his extensive roles and experience, the school board hired Merv, President of Lily’s Advisors, to advise them about how to proceed under their tense circumstances Merv investigated...

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P7 Barton

UNIT 6. BUILDING TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION MR. BARTON P7- Explain the implications of environmental issues and legislative constraints on building construction Today’s Designers, Architects and Constructors have a duty of care to strive to produce energy efficient and energy saving buildings. Where possible the sustainability of resources / materials and techniques must be a primary concern in the decision making process. Environmental issues in relation to construction Heavyweight...

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Management in Architecture

need, or forbid some things in our design. Client Client wishes to have a complex although he doesn’t have any Picture in his mind. Hence we will picture the complex and he might agree or disagree with some assistance. Project Team From architects to engineers, all the team members are working on the Project according to client’s desires. They should finish their responsibilities on time. Residents/Students near by The site was selected in a location where the social life is not so...

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Preparing an Annotated Bibliography

online versus face-to-face environments. American Journal of Distance Education, 16, 227-244. Soetanto, R., Proverbs, D. G., & Holt, G. D. (2001). Achieving quality construction projects based on harmonious working relationships-clients’ and architects’ perceptions of contractor performance. Institutional Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 18, 528-548....

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Building Construction

construction methods also shared similar characteristics on using either plywood or OSB board (oriented strand board) for the sub-flooring, which are laid on top of the joist. Plank and Beam construction was a more cost effective way for contractors, architects, and interior designers to develop a structure. This type of construction took heavier beams and spaced them further apart. In addition, it didn’t use plywood or OSB board for sub-flooring. Instead it used thick tongue and grooved planks. This type...

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Becoming an Architect

To most people, architects are people that sit in an office and draw all day. They get paid lots of money for these drawings and somehow the drawings turn into reality in the forms of buildings and other structure. Many people have a dislike for modern architecture and say “they don’t get it.” To them, these buildings and other structures look weird and they do not comprehend the entire design concept. The field of architecture is more than what meets the eye. Architecture is a great field to enter...

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Role of an Architect

ROLE OF AN ARCHITECT The design and construction of a building involves many parties. The Architect is one but many who must ensure that the building fulfils the Clients brief, meets the Design Standards required by the Country/Area where the building is being constructed, meets the budget and ensure that the building can be constructed, used and maintained safely. The Architect is often the first contact with the Client developing scale and form and more importantly drawing up the Clients...

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Architect S Creations And Dictums

STRUCTURE ARCHITECT Adolf Loos House of Michealerplatz, Vienna Aldo Rossi Rossi Collection Alvar Aalto Sanatorio, di Paimo, Finland Auguste Perret Notre Damme du Raincy, France Antoni Gaudi Sagrada Familia Benjamin Latrobe US Capitol, Washington DC Charles Rennie Macintosh Glasgow School of Art Cesar Pelli Petronas Towers, KL Daniel Burnham Flatiron Building, NY Daniel Libeskind Jewish Museum, Berlin Eero Saarinen TWA Terminal Eliel Saarinen...

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INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IKAST-BRANDE, DENMARK Architects: C.F. Møller Architects Project: International School Location: Ikast, Denmark Client: ISIB Ejendomsselskab A/S Landscape architect: C.F. Møller Landscape Engineer: Midtconsult Contractor: KPC Size: 2600 m2 Year: 2012 to 2013 Facts  Concrete: The construction company Mogens Lund A / S  Element Construction: Midtjydsk Concrete and Element Factory A / S  Land / sewer: Godthaab Construction ApS  Address: Bøgildvej 2, 7430 Ikast  ...

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Labrouste and Ledoux

Logan Thornton ARCH3110-001 Carla Keyvanian March 21, 2013 Henri Labrouste and Claude Ledoux were French architects during the 18th and 19th centuries and are pioneers of modern architecture. Henri Labrouste was born in 1801 and was the product of the renowned École des Beaux Arts School of Architecture. He believed that architecture should reflect society, and his work reflects the rationalism and technical aspects of industrial society. His work also embodies the ideals of writer Victor Hugo...

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