Becoming an Architect

Topics: Truth, Drawing, Architect Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: May 5, 2009
To most people, architects are people that sit in an office and draw all day. They get paid lots of money for these drawings and somehow the drawings turn into reality in the forms of buildings and other structure. Many people have a dislike for modern architecture and say “they don’t get it.” To them, these buildings and other structures look weird and they do not comprehend the entire design concept. The field of architecture is more than what meets the eye. Architecture is a great field to enter. This field allows the architect to express himself creatively while getting paid for it. For people who enjoy drawing and want to take pride in their work, this is the perfect career. Architects are creative people who use all sorts of resources and knowledge they have acquired to create their masterpieces. There is a common misconception that architects are extremely wealthy because they are paid lots of money, but that is rarely the case. To the common American person, architects are extremely rich. They see architects as people who have a lot of money. To the common American person, architects are extremely rich. They see architects as people who have a lot of money and can travel all around the world to exotic places. Although some architects are rich due to a very wealthy clientele and can travel to parts to the world that many people dream of going to, most architects are solidly middle class. Many architects are able to live fulfilling lives despite their mediocrity in funds. Since architects are creative, they are able to come up with ways to make up for their lack of funds. Most people think of architects as really rich and glamorous with celebrity friends. They see architects as people who get published in prestigious journals and magazines. The truth is most architects dream of that happening to them. This fact may be discouraging, but a lot of architects are like semi-celebrities in their local communities. Architects are constantly learning. They are...
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