I Want to Be an Architect

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If you are intrigued by buildings and architecture, a career as an architect may be a wonderful career option for you. Architects create, design, and construct the fabulous buildings that are an integral part of our lives. Architects are people that not only have a large amount of creativity and imagination, but a tremendous amount of technical knowledge as well. Training as an architect is a long process requiring extensive education but the results are well worth it.

Becoming an architect requires a good deal of training. If you would like to practice architecture in the United States most states require a five year training program to be completed. However, most people don't just jump into architecture right after high school. Architecture is not often discussed as a possible career choice n high school and many teenagers don't consider it when thinking of their future.

A common career path for architects is found with people that hold an engineering degree, and worked for some time as a civil engineer. Following this work many people wish to stretch their wings and try something more creative. You may be able to transfer you existing education into an architecture program, but you should first check with the individual school to see what their requirements are. Before you make any decision always check with a school counselor.

After you've finished the architecture training, you must sit for a series of eight architect specific exams that are known as the Architectural Registration Examination. These exams must all be completed and passed with a minimum of eight years experience is required to become a licensed architect.

These requirements are those necessary to become licensed architects in the United States , but each country has their own regulations for licensing. In most countries there is a governing board that provides architects with support and keeps them up to date on current events relating to the field of architecture.

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