Architech and the Environment Paper

Topics: Natural environment, Sustainability, Environment Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Architecture and the Environment Paper
Cedric R Curry
University of Phoenix
Kimberly Western

What is central to environmental psychology is that people generally live, work or visit an environment with which they have symbiotic relationship. The environment with which people live, will in some way affect the way they behave, and this is true whether the environment with which they live is either natural or man-made. However, the relationship between the environment and people is not a one sided issue. People or populations can have even a greater effect on the environment. It is possible to elevate moods or perception by influencing human behavior, while at the same time decreasing the negative effects that urbanization can have on a global scale (Meacham, 2012). An absolute certainty is that human behavior is influenced by structure and architect. We construct buildings, but afterwards they begin to construct us. At some point the buildings that we create begin to regulate the course of our lives. The power that an architect has over human influence is phenomenal. Architects have within their power to hinder or encourage social interaction between people by arranging partitions, rooms, doors, windows, and hallways. The architect is in complete control in deciding lanes and contact points where people will meet, and come together (Lockton, 2011).

The main goal of the architect is to design buildings that are functional, yet attractive. These buildings are purposely meant to change the behavior and attitudes of those individuals who are fortunate enough to spend either short or long periods of time in them. Architect structural designs are capable of promoting the potential for involvement and knowledge sharing among a diverse group of people who without the intended design may never have the opportunity to do so (Lockton, 2011). Layout of physical elements

In one way or another, most architectural patterns are meant to...

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