Drunk Tank Pink Response

Topics: Environment, Emotion, Natural environment Pages: 3 (341 words) Published: December 5, 2013
What Is A Reading?

What 3 Experiences Influence a Reading?
Physical Experience
Individual Experience
Cultural Experience

Code of Interpretation - Rules and expectations for understanding a text

Frame -
cartoon bubble or reading a book

Left Brain = Text
Right Brain = Image

(Two Strategies: Intensify & Downplay)

‑‑ Intensify (Own Good; Others' Bad)
‑‑‑ Repetition: slogans, jingles, recurring examples or themes ‑‑‑ Association: linking a positively or negatively valued idea to
one's persuasive advice
‑‑‑ Composition: graphic layout, design, typeface, etc.

‑‑ Downplay (Own Bad; Others' Good)
‑‑‑ Diversion: shifting attention to bogus issues, etc. ‑‑‑ Omission: half‑truths, slanted or biased evidence ‑‑‑ Confusion: making things overly complex, using jargon,
faulty logic

Drunk Tank Pink - Theme


Environmental Persuasion

The environment consists of a combination of physical and psychological components that continually influence one another.

Albert Mehrabian (1976) claims that people react emotionally to their surroundings. He says that emotional reactions can be accounted for in terms of how aroused, pleasurable, and dominant people are made to feel. How we feel about a place affects how we behave in that place.

O’Donnell & Kable (1982) describe three things that affect this relationship (feelings/behavior). (1) The “perceived” environment is not necessarily the “real” environment (social context affects our interpretation of physical setting: church/disco); (2)...
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