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  • Antigone and Mlk Comparison

    Antigone and MLK Compare/Contrast Essay Both Martin Luther King Jr. and Antigone are fighting injustice. Antigone is fighting the unfair edict of the corrupt and prideful king Creon. Mr. King is fighting the racial intolerance of a generation of Americans. Both Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. defend there actions in the struggle against injustice; although both argue there points‚ Antigone takes a more defiant stance‚ while Mr. King uses a more analytical approach in his argument. Antigone

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  • MLK vs. Antigone

    guards—all that your can do is to have me killed. The political heroism in Antigone’s resistance is her refusal of state power. Antigone says no to all she finds vile‚ and in this sense she is more powerful than the ruler beholden to his throne. Despite all his trappings of power‚ Creon finds himself helpless‚ unable to act on his own. He wants not to execute Antigone but cannot help ordering her death. Having said yes to state power‚ he is circumscribed by his own kingship‚ by very the throne that

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  • Antigone vs Mlk

    Two works of literature written in two different time periods with so many similarities‚ ‘Antigone’ by Sophocles and ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ by Dr. Martin Luther King is baffling to say the least. These stories both transcend time and really bring to life the emotions of that particular time. They were persecuted for their beliefs. “Antigone” by Sophocles and “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr. both shows civil disobedience as a way to take a stand for what the protagonist

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  • Antigone Comparison

    prominent play named Antigone; the third of the trilogy. Even though one would usually think that ancient Greek theater is dull‚ one can learn a lot about themselves while reading them. While reading this story myself‚ I found that I correlate to the main character herself‚ Antigone. The character intrigued me; for we think and speak similarly. After finding this‚ I kept discovering more and more connections between the two of us. Separating into three different categories‚ Antigone and I are similar

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  • MLK And Malcolm X Comparison

    foster house. Malcolm X got his ideas by going to jail because of drugs from Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X believed in segregation and also violence if necessary. MLK was a middle class family‚ kid and faced racism at a young age. MLK was more towards integration and didn’t believe in violence. MLK and Malcolm X both had great philosophies‚ but only some of their philosophies were effective in the 1960s for America. Malcolm X’s philosophy made more sense in term of working

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  • Antigone And Ismene Comparison

    Ismene is a young lady with whom one can easily relate. In the greek theater play Antigone‚ Ismene expresses multiple emotions; emotions I often find myself feeling. Ismene and I connect to one another in numerous ways‚ but yet she and I are so contrasting at the same time because our life situations are so diverse. I often find myself connecting to her. Firstly‚ through physicalities‚ or appearance. Secondly‚ I have discovered our personality‚ or attitude towards life‚ are very alike. Lastly‚ she

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  • The Odyssey And Antigone Comparison

    Reading The Odyssey and Antigone are two very different experiences. Despite that‚ they both come from a similar culture and reading one prepares one for reading the other. Reading The Odyssey first is probably more beneficial in part because it includes short descriptions almost every time someone is mentioned. Zeus is seldom mentioned without some reference to thunder or that he is the son of Cronus‚ Poseidon is constantly accompanied by his title the Earth-Shaker‚ and Hermes is referred to as

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  • MLK

    revolutionized Americas lack of exposure towards colored people’s oppression and being neglected to society. Through rhetorical reasoning MLK managed to demonstrate his personal meaning of equality and liberty toward blinded Americans through a successfully coherent speech which overturned racism allowing societies to connect thus correcting their social sciences. All in all MLK deliberately embodied his recognition concerning his confused society’s view towards equality. Demonstrating in chronological order

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  • Comparison of the Three Sisters and Antigone

    The Three Sisters by Anton Chekov and Antigone by Sophocles‚ dialogue plays a key role in the characterization of the protagonists‚ because dialogue can act as a form of indirect characterization. The Three Sisters is a play set in the early 1900s‚ and is about three sisters who try to lead meaningful lives which are surrounded by people constantly distracting them from the passage of time and their longing to return to their home country of Moscow. Antigone is a Greek tragedy written approximately

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  • Comparison of Antigone and Creons leadership.

    The story of Antigone is full of issues regarding leadership and the conflict surrounding these issues. Creon decisions and choices were influenced by his inexperience in leadership. His forceful style leads him straight to disaster which results in losing his son and wife. This disaster was a direct result of his decision to kill Antigone for disobeying his edict regarding the forbidden burial of her brother‚ Polyneices. He believed his rules were superior‚ even to those unwritten statues of the

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