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Amitai Etzioni

An Evaluation on Working at McDonalds After reading this essay by Amitai Etzioni, I could see why he is promoting teenagers to pay more attention to their academics and education rather working at fast food restaurants like McDonalds. He provides many studies done to prove his thesis clearly. One of the few studies is a 1984 study by Ivan Charper and Bryan Shore Fraser which says that teenagers do not pay attention to what skills they develop because they only care about finishing their working...

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Working at Mcdonalds

Jessica Lafferty English 111 Mrs. Horne June 24, 2013 Working at McDonald’s By: Amitai Etzioni Amitai Etzioni wrote a short story called, “Working at McDonald’s.” As we know most parents want their kids to start working during high school in order to learn responsibility. Etzioni talks about how it is not educational for a teen to start working while in high school, because most teens will work part time at some fast food joint. He states, “But in fact, these jobs undermine school attendance...

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Working at McDonalds

Alexandria Sinn Composition 2 Professor Smith February 25, 2015 Teens with Part-Time Jobs Sociology professor, Amitai Etzioni, explains in his article “Working at McDonalds,” how teenagers having a part-time job can be bad for them as it fosters escape from school and responsibilities and a short cut to the consumer aspects of adult life. My experience with work while I am in high school created the foundation of my work ethic. I have been employed at different places over my high school years...

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Working at Mcdonalds

Composition 1 11/4/21 “Working at McDonalds” Amitai Etzioni In the passage “Working at McDonalds” by Amitai Etzioni he starts off by stating that “McDonalds is bad for your kids”. He doesn’t feel this way because of the food, but instead of the mass production jobs they offer our youth. He says studies show two thirds of high school students have part time jobs in the food chain business, and McDonalds is the pioneer, trend-setter, and symbol. Amitai states that of course at first these jobs seem...

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Mcjobs Are Bad for Kids

McJobs Are Bad for Kids I thought Amitai Etzioni’s article: The Fast-Food Factories: McJobs are Bad for Kids,” was both accurate and convincing. His assertion that fast food jobs, “impart few skills useful in later life,” and “skew the values of teenagers,” is correct. At first blush, these jobs seem idea for teaching young people responsibility and self-discipline. But, when examining issues the author mentions as negatives such as; hours worked, appropriate supervision, job training, opportunity...

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Working at Mcdonalds

“Working at McDonald’s,” Amitai Etzioni talks about his belief that working, especially at fast food chain restaurants can be bad for teenagers. Working, for teenagers under some circumstances can be bad for them but sometimes its good depending on the daily schedule of whomever is working. If the teen is still in school, working is bound to affect their involvement and attendance in negative ways. Though it’s true that while working you gain on the job experience, Etzioni believes it can’t really...

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Article Analysis of Amitai Etzioni's The Fast-Food Factories: McJobs are Bad for Kids

Amitai Etzioni intent for writing “The Fast-Food Factories: McJobs are Bad for Kids,” was to relay a message to parents that teenagers shouldn't work while still in school. “Closer examination, however, finds the McDonald's kind of job highly uneducational in several ways”. It doesn't give teens enough to prepare for the future of being on their own, nor enough knowledge to start their own franchise or business. McDonald's is described as a “highly routinized” job; McDonald's is a typical and ordinary...

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Working at Mcdonald's by Amitai Etizoni

“Working at McDonald’s” The evaluation essay “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni, was originally published in the Miami Herald. In the essay, author observed carefully the situation of young people, especially who is on the education process working at McDonald’s the symbol of fast food chain restaurant. He has evaluated it by using his ideas and values for the essential pursuit of young people. According to the author, he denied that young people to work at the fast food chain...

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What Makes a Good Society? Discuss

which seem fair and democratic - really apply only to men of his Athenian social class. There is little application to our country, Malaysia, a society of myriad communities straining in diverse directions to achieve a good society. Sociologist Amitai Etzioni has written, "The quest for a good society points to one that allows communities to maintain some limitations on new membership while at the same time greatly restrict the criteria that communities may use informing such exclusivity. The criteria...

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ocean speech

more than we are now! Works Cited "SeaWeb - Ocean and Human Health." SeaWeb - Ocean and Human Health. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Apr. 2014. Etzioni, Amitai, and The Opinions Expressed in This Commentary Are Solely Those of Amitai Etzioni. "Mars Can Wait. Oceans Can't." CNN. Cable News Network, 01 Jan. 1970. Web. 08 Apr. 2014. "Welcome to MarineBio." MarineBio.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Apr. 2014. ...

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