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  • Civil Society

    --Examine the Role of Civil Society in Good Governance There are several factors that contribute in governance‚ for instance‚ government‚ civil society and so forth. According to Wapner (2000)‚ the role of government is of most important in the past yet the international community‚ such as civil society. It has already begun to show the effective participation of being one of the stakeholder in various areas. Civil society has increasingly reveal its power in boosting

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  • Civil Society

    The role of Indian civil society: ensuring State accountability The roots of an Indian autonomous civil society is not to be found in the contemporary rise of a modern state but foremost in the ancient and medieval history of the country. Cast “panchayats”‚ village “panchayats”‚ or traders guilds all illustrates forms of local institutions that had long been untouched by the vicissitudes of the political spheres and remained autonomous from state control. Indian society had been characterised in

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  • Civil Society

    DRIVERS OF CHANGE PAKISTAN Civil Society And Social Change In Pakistan Ayesha Khan and Rabia Khan The Collective for Social Science Research March 2004 This paper is part of the Drivers of Change in Pakistan study conducted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the Collective for Social Science Research for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). The authors thank participants at the IDS-Collective-DFID workshop on Drivers of Change held in Islamabad‚ 6-7th

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  • Global Civil Societies

    formation of new civil societies around the globe. This has particularly come about due to the process of globalization and the expansion of democratic governance‚ telecommunications and economic integration‚ in addition‚ as well as the threat to security. The term is seen as a progressive process particularly because many claim that global civil society is committed to the values of human rights‚ gender equality‚ social justice and democracy. On the whole global civil societies are those organizations

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  • Civil Society in Russia

    Does Russia have civil society? Stud. : Torosyan Boris (IFF 1-4(c)) Table of contents: Civil society in Russia‚ Introduction. P. 3 History. P. 3-7 Russian civil society today. P. 7-9 Conclusion and pespectives. P. 9 List of used Information P. 10 Civil society in Russia‚ Introduction. The term “civil society” in Russia is rarely referred to

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  • Global Civil Society

    Global Civil Society New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies M.S. Program in Global Affairs GLOBI-GC 1050.001 Spring 2013 Wednesdays‚ 9:30-12:10 pm Woolworth 237 February 6 – May 10 Professor Colette Mazzucelli‚ MALD‚ EdM‚ PhD http://blogs.nyu.edu/blogs/cgm7/globalaffairsmatters/ cgm7@nyu.edu (212) 992-8380 (Global Affairs Program) Pedagogical and Technological Assistance to Dr. Mazzucelli Miss Nadiya Kostyuk Mrs. Janeska Soares Sadowski Mr. Sam

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  • The Role of Civil Society in the

    THE ROLE OF CIVIL SOCIETY IN THE DEMOCRATISATION PROCESS IN BOTSWANA INTRODUCTION One of the approaches to democratization is the fostering of civil society organizations. Botswana`s civil society organizations have a role to play in the country’s democratization process. As stated by Maundeni (2005) the argument is that the non-partisan character of Botswana’s civic organisations has not prevented them from participating actively in democratising the public space. In fact

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  • global civil society

    How‚ why‚ with what extent does civil society participate in global governance? 1. Introduction This essay discusses the ways in which civil society constitutes global governance and whether its role enhances or weakens the process of democratization within international political and economic system. Since global governance encompasses a broad range of meanings (Weiss 2000)‚ I will particularly refer to international legal‚ economic and political institutions and structures. My argument is that

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  • The Origin Of Civil Society

    The arguments in ?The Origins of Society? Jean Jacques Rousseau‚ in his essay The Origins of Society‚ writes about an ideal form of government. In his essay he attacks several other proposed or existing forms of government by carefully destroying their claims. However‚ it seems that Rousseau?s arguments do not promote his idea completely. For example‚ why would Rousseau write about the ?right of the strongest? if at his time it were not relevant? Why then would Rousseau argue these ideas? Rousseau

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  • Civil Society: Power to Change?

    How important is civil society to bringing about political and social change? In this essay we will explore the varying importance of civil society in different countries and across periods of time and how this relative importance is reflected in its capability for both political and social change; the former relating to a modification in the political structure or constitution and the latter an alteration in social order within society. A civil society is defined as ‘a diverse sphere of social

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