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Agar Plate

were presented. In the first experiment (solvents Methanol and Ethyl Acetate), within twenty minutes observation period after injection of the venom, the muscle became less responsive to the four volts stimulus as shown in the decreasing amplitude (Plate 8). Twenty minutes after injection of the cobra toxin, the antivenin was injected. The muscle, which was almost paralyzed, contracted vigorously that brought back even higher than normal contraction of the muscle, as shown in Fig 1. The second experiment...

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Examination of Bacterial Plates

Examination of Bacterial Plates Objective: 1. To examine bacteria pigmentation, colony, margin characteristics, elevation properties, broth characteristics and agar stroke properties. 2. To examine bacteria growth characteristics on different culture media. Introduction: Bacterial species can sometimes be identified on the basis of how they appear on or in the different media. The pigmentation, size and shape of bacterial colonies as they grow on and in agar plates can provide identifying...

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Mix Culture Streak Plate Kitchen Lab Microbiology

Introduction- The purpose of this experiment is to obtain isolation of individual species of particles from the mixed culture. This is completed through the isolation technique of streak plate. The objective of this experiment is to replicate the technique of streak plate but on a much larger scale. Because it is on a larger scale the particles are able to be visually observed as they are isolated using the streaking technique as the experiment is conducted. The benefits of the streaking technique...

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Lab 1 Ubiquity of Microbes 1

In this lab you will test the idea that microbes are ubiquitous or present everywhere at all times. Materials One Triptic Soy Agar (TSA) plate per student One sterile swab Procedure 1. Decide on an area to test for the ubiquity of microbes. List your area on the white board in front of the classroom. 2. Obtain one TSA plate and label it on the bottom (side with the agar) with your name, class section and the surface you will sample. 3. Obtain one sterile swab. 4. To obtain a sample, roll the sterile...

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Pglo Transformation

groups then placed in agar plates simulating different environments: the bacteria lacking the pGLO plasmid was subjected to an environment solely contaiing nutrients and another containing nutrients and ampicillin; the bacteria containing pGLO was subjected to an environment containing solely nutrients and one containing nutrients, ampicillin, and the sugar arabinose. After being allowed to grow in their respective environments, the following agar plates grew E. Coli colonies: agar containing nutrients...

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Culture Media

and starch agar. OBJECTIVES: distinguish between different bacterial species based on colony morphology on agar plates To distinguish the growth characteristics of microorganisms in various differential, and selective media. Differentiate bacteria based on their ability to hydrolyze starch. Materials: Plates of EMB, Starch and blood agar. Stool sample. Inoculating loop. Bunsen burner. Soil sample. Cotton soap. Skin sample. Gram iodine. Results: Starch agar: Special...

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Rate of Diffusion of Mythelin Blue in Agar Jelly

Aim To measure how different concentrations of mythelin blue affects the rate of diffusion through agar jelly. Hypothesis The diffusion of mythelin blue is directly proportional to its concentration, hence as the concentration increases; the rate of diffusion increases too. Controlled Variables Time time was kept constant while testing the diffusion spread of mythelin blue with each concentration. Temperature the experiment was undertaken in room temperature as change in temperature can...

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Title: Investigation of Protease Activities in Different Fruit Juices

(in different amounts), which can speed up the breakdown of proteins. As milk-agar plate is a milk protein, so when it is incubated with fruit juices containing proteases, the milk protein will be broken down and clear zones will appear around the wells containing different fruit juices. Thus, the higher the protease activity, the larger the diameter of the clear zones. Equation: Control: One well in the milk-agar plate is filled with distilled water to act as a control to show that the formation...

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´╗┐ISOLATION OF INDIVIDUAL BACTERIAL COLONIES ON SOLID MEDIA Robert Koch developed a method for isolating pure cultures on solid media in 1883. To this end he added agar (a solidifying agent) to liquid nutrient broth; the nutrient broth supports the growth of a wide variety of microorganisms while the agar provides a solid substrate on which bacteria can be mechanically diluted and therefore isolated as independent colonies representing different bacterial species. The isolation of independent bacterial...

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Microbiology: Viable Counts

yeast and mold in a sample. It counts the number of colonies produced by a very dilute suspension of bacteria on an agar plate and to observe the differential staining behaviour of the living bacteria. This involves counting the colonies produced by viable cells under favourable growth conditions. Some techniques needed before the viable count, like pour plate method, spread plate method and most probable number method. The viable count is very specidic, as it represents the number of colony forming...

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