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  • Muscle Contraction

    depolarization of the cell membrane and this electrical signal travels along the muscle fibers. Through the movement of calcium ions‚ the muscle action potential is taken into actual muscle contraction with the interaction of two types of proteins‚ actin and myosin.   Different steps of activities are involved in muscle contraction. The sequence of contraction process is originated in the central nervous system. It can be either a voluntary activity from the brain or a reflex activity from the spinal

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  • Neutrophil Chemotaxis

    endothelial cells form ‘domes’ around adhered neutrophils by extending villi-like projections {Parkos‚ 1992 #3361}. Domes are rich in ICAM1 and VCAM1‚ which actively interact with LFA-1 and integrin α4 (VLA4; very late antigen 4) of neutrophils. LSP1‚ an actin binding protein expressed abundantly in endothelial cytoplasm and nucleus‚ regulates endothelial cell dome formation. This process is completely different from endocytosis because neutrophils never interact with the intracellular compartment of endothelium

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  • Human Muscular System

    Devonne Lozada Living Environment 1/8/13 Mr.Jorez Human Muscular System Visceral muscle is found inside of organs like the stomach‚ intestines‚ and blood vessels. The weakest of all muscle tissues‚ visceral muscle makes organs contract to move substances through the organ. Because visceral muscle is controlled by the unconscious part of the brain‚ it is known as involuntary muscle—it cannot be directly controlled by the conscious mind. The term “smooth muscle” is often used

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  • The muscular system

    connecting a muscle and the part it moves It has hundreds of muscle cells‚ blood vessels‚ nerve fibers and fascia. Actin major component in force production. Actin‚ when polymerized into filaments‚ forms the "ladder" along which the myosin filaments "climb" to generate motion. Myosin is a peptide that is responsible for force generation. It is composed of a globular head with both ATP and actin binding sites‚ and a long tail involved in its polymerization into myosin filaments When muscle cells are stimulated

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  • Cycles in Biology

    Cycles in Biology Cycles in biology play a fundamental role in the world that we live in. Cycles occur all around and inside of us in many different forms‚ from the Krebs to the Calvin cycle. There are large scale cycles happening and they are essential in regulating the nutrients and substances that are around us which without‚ life on earth could no function. One of the largest cycles that occurs all around us is in everyday life is the carbon cycle. The current atmospheric

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  • Workings of the Muscular System

    the energy for muscle contraction. The free energy released by the ATP when the phosphate is split off is transferred to the heads on the myosin filaments. The heads move and store potential energy in their new position. When the heads interact with actin‚ the energy is used to slide the filaments past one another transferring the energy into movement (kinetic energy). 3. What are neurotransmitters? Nervous impulses are electrical signals that travel along neurons. The electrical signals cannot

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  • Muscle Notes

    Myofilament- responsible for contraction Striated- the color variations on the muscle fiber. Has to do with the amount of protein and the way it reflects light. Myosin- globular protein Bulb like heads come in contact with the active sites on actin Active sites are not exposed when in the resting position. Tropomysin- the regulatory protein the hides the active sites when not stimulated Sarcoplasmic reticulum- lines either side of the t-tubule T-tubule- comes from the muscle fiber‚ the z-disks

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  • Muscle Fatigue

    Muscle adaptations to the increase in energy demands at the start of exercise Introduction The transition from rest to exercise is associated with a huge upsurge in energy expenditure‚ due primarily to skeletal muscle contractions (Connett & Sahlin‚ 1996). Contractions require energy in the form of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP). ATP stores in muscle are around 8mmol/l and are exhausted within 2s of exercise (Connett & Sahlin‚ 1996). To continue exercise and maintain ATP homeostasis‚ ATP

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  • Cell Bio Report 1

    Lab Report 1: Subculturing Adherent Cells Fibronectin‚ integrin alpha 3‚ and actin are all involved in cellular adhesion at both the cellular and molecular levels. Integrins are the primary trans-membrane receptors that mediate dynamic interactions between the extracellular matrix and the actin cytoskeleton whenever a cell is motile. Integrins bind to the extracellular matrix and link to the actin cytoskeleton via a shirt cytoplasmic tail; they also help determine cellular binding specificity because

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  • unit 10 review

    reticulum a. stores sodium ions. b. forms from inward extensions of the sarcolemma. c. stores calcium ions. d. is made of contractile proteins. 5 Fill in the blanks: Thick filaments are composed of the protein composed of the proteins 6 actin ‚ troponin myosin ‚ and ‚ and thin filaments are tropomyosin . Which of the following is not a part of the neuromuscular junction? a. Axon terminal b. Dendritic receptor c. Synaptic cleft d. Motor end plate Muscle Tissue

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