Great Expectations


Chapter 51 to Chapter 59

Chapter Fifty-One

Pip goes to Jaggers and claims that he knows the truth about Estella’s parents. Pip has a difficult time getting Jaggers to reveal any information. However, once Wemmick shows Pip and Jaggers his softer side, Jaggers becomes pleasant enough to divulge that Molly is indeed Estella’s mother.

Chapter Fifty-Two

Pip discovers that Herbert is being transferred to the Middle East. Herbert daydreams about taking Clara with them. Wemmick sends Pip a message that says they must move Magwitch within two days. However, an anonymous note tells Pip that he must secretly come to the marshes. Pip is regretful of not nurturing his friendship with Joe. Pip goes to the marshes for the secret meeting.

Chapter Fifty-Three

When Pip arrives at the marshes, the surroundings are ghostly. He steps into an empty quarry, and his candle is blown out by the wind. Suddenly, someone throws a noose over Pip’s head. Orlick’s voice threatens that if he makes any noise, he will kill him. Orlick strikes a flint that creepily illuminates his face. Orlick tells Pip that he wants revenge; apparently, Pip came between him and a woman he loved. Orlick tells Pip that he killed Mrs. Joe. However, Orlick blames Pip for his rage. Pip fears for his life. Orlick divulges that he has a connection with Compeyson, which frightens Pip even further. Orlick tells him that he knows about Magwitch; he also tells him that he was the dark, shadowy figure in the staircase. Orlick drinks some liquor and comes at Pip with a stone hammer. Thankfully, Herbert and a group of men swoop in and save Pip from Orlick. Herbert had found the anonymous note, which led him to Pip and Orlick. Unfortunately, Orlick escapes. Pip and Herbert return home to help Magwitch escape.

Chapter Fifty-Four

Startop accompanies Pip and Herbert in Magwitch’s escape. The Thames is busy, but they know what they must do. They stop to get Magwitch at Clara’s house. Magwitch seems...

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