Great Expectations


Chapter 31 to Chapter 40

Chapter Thirty-One

Herbert accompanies Pip to the theater, where they watch Wopsle portray Hamlet. Wopsle’s performance, however, is more comedic than dramatic. Pip notes that they try to applaud him in the beginning, but just can’t keep up the charade. Wopsle talks to Pip and Herbert after the play. Pip remains miserable.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Pip receives a note, but he does not immediately recognize the handwriting. He is pleased to find that the note is from Estella, and she wishes to meet him. He is so anxious to meet Estella that he can hardly eat. First, Pip meets Wemmick. Wemmick tells him that his “Aged Parent” is doing well; he will soon turn 82, and Wemmick wishes to fire his cannon 82 times in celebration. Wemmick takes Pip on a tour of the neglected Newgate Prison. The prison is uncomfortable and frightening to Pip. While at the prison, Wemmick introduces Pip to a man who is soon to be hanged.

Chapter Thirty-Three

When he meets Estella, Pip finds her more beautiful than ever. As Estella tells Pip that she is going to live in Richmond with a woman who has the power to show her to people, Pip is certain that Estella reminds him of someone. However, he cannot place the resemblance. Estella tells him how strange it was to grow up in Satis House. She mentions that they have “instructions,” which makes Pip believe that they are to be married. Pip walks Estella to her current residence and returns to Pockets’ house.

Chapter Thirty-Four

Finally, Pip begins to experience guilt for his treatment of Joe and Biddy. However, Pip cannot stop thinking about Estella and how much he wants to be with her. Pip feels that his behavior may have had a negative effect on Herbert. Pip discusses the Finches of the Grove, a club of which Drummle is a member. Pip receives another letter, but this one does not carry happy news. Mrs. Joe has died, and he needs to return home for her interment.


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