Great Expectations


Chapter 41 to Chapter 50

Chapter Forty-One

When Herbert returns, Magwitch is still at the residence. He has been with Pip for five days. Pip and Herbert have a long discussion about Magwitch, and they decide that Pip should not accept Magwitch’s money any longer. To assist the beneficent convict, Pip and Herbert decide to take Magwitch abroad. They will abandon him once he is completely safe from police.

Chapter Forty-Two

Magwitch tells Pip and Herbert his story. He explains that with the exception of being hanged, he has had everything done to him. He’s been locked up and transported among many towns. He was an orphan and felt he had no choice but to become a criminal. As a child, he had to steal turnips to feed himself. Magwitch tells the boys that over 20 years ago, he met a man named Compeyson. Compeyson was a gentleman and a criminal. Compeyson had caused another collaborator, a man named Arthur, to become a mad alcoholic. As Magwitch explains, Arthur was haunted by a rich woman who was a victim of the pair. Highly influenced by Compeyson, Magwitch continued his life of crime. When he and Compeyson were caught, Compeyson betrayed Magwitch by turning on him. Magwitch explains to Pip that Compeyson was the “other” criminal that Pip spotted on the marsh.

At this point, Herbert passes a cryptic note to Pip. Herbert’s note reveals that Arthur was the half brother of Miss Havisham. The note also reveals that Compeyson was the man who deserted Miss Havisham on her wedding day.

Chapter Forty-Three

Feeling as if he has lost everything, Pip does not believe that he should see Estella again. He has a spat with Drummle at the inn, and then he goes to Satis House to say good-bye to Miss Havisham and Estella.

Chapter Forty-Four

Upon revealing that she led Pip to believe that she was his benefactor, Miss Havisham consents to giving Herbert money. Although Pip admits to Estella that he loves her, Estella breaks Pip’s heart by...

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