Great Expectations


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  1. What is Joe’s relation to Pip?
  1. his brother
  2. his brother-in-law
  3. his biological father
  4. his cousin

  1. Why does Pip originally go to Satis House?
  1. to secure his coming fortune
  2. to learn gentlemanly manners
  3. for a play date
  4. for a social experiment run by Jaggers

  1. Who deserted Miss Havisham on her wedding day?
  1. Compeyson
  2. Magwitch
  3. Joe
  4. Pip’s father

  1. What is the nickname that Herbert gives Pip?
  1. Mendelssohn
  2. Flaubert
  3. Handel
  4. Bach

  1. What is Wopsle’s profession?
  1. writer
  2. actor
  3. lawyer
  4. art

  1. Why does Magwitch become Pip’s benefactor?
  1. because he was impressed with Pip’s scholarly achievement
  2. because he was impressed with Pip’s physical appearance
  3. because he was impressed with Pip’s kindness
  4. because he knows it will frighten Pip

  1. What is Miss Havisham often seen wearing?
  1. the color purple
  2. wigs
  3. her daughter’s dresses
  4. her old wedding attire

  1. In the novel, where do Pip and Estella have their final meeting?
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