“S-Pure” the Premium and Super Hygienic Fresh Eggs

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Brand management Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: November 23, 2010
“S-Pure” the premium and super hygienic fresh eggs
Betagro groups are the company groups produce high quality of agriculture, meat processing and food product under concept “Let’s make life better”. Their main markets are mostly export to Japan and Europe. “S-Pure” local premium brand is one of product line to positioning fresh pork and chicken product with healthy from high quality of raw material, close system and antibiotic free and e-traceability and super hygienic of food safety & quality assurance process from farming to the shelf. The product lines of fresh pork consist of Strip slices, Pork chop and Sirloin parts. The product lines of fresh chicken consist of Wing, Drum stick, Breath parts. The product could be cooked after taking off the packaging without washing process. As S-Pure is the premium brand of high quality fresh meat, Betagro continuous launching premium fresh egg under brand S-Pure which serves need from the A group of customer. The quality of premium fresh egg is accepted from high grade of customer because Betagro select the breeder, chick to feed with quality food in the save and clean environment, of course, antibiotic free and after that they select, sanitize and bath with UV as cleaning process to eggs with automatically high technology machine. The eggs were kept under chill condition at temperature 0-4 C through the process from farm until end customer to make sure that customers get fresh quality and save eggs. That’s why the product can be sold in retail at price 9 bath per pc in 2 packing size; 10 packs per box and 6 packs per box at the high end supermarket such as the Emporium, Siam Paragon, UFM Fuji, Isaton, Villa Market and Max Value, and Betagro shop. Another group of customer is chain Japanese restaurant ex. Ottoya, Mos Burger, premium Japanese restaurant and five star hotels. The main reason that the main group customers buy the premium and hygienic egg brand’s S-Pure because they aware health conscious and...

References: http://www.ryt9.com/s/nnd/1031119
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