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MKTG572 Marketing Basis for Interest Topic:Due Week One
Complete this form and submit it to the Week 1 Basis for Interest Dropbox. Your instructor must approve your idea, and will give you feedback and suggestions if you need help. You have several options when choosing a product or service for your Basis for Interest plan. Consider choosing a new product for a new company (your own) or creating a new product for an existing company. Basis For Interest TOPIC

Your Name: Mariam Merajee
Product or Service Idea:
The product that I am thinking of using for this project is a new product that is in the food category. It is called baloney. Baloney is a very famous Middle Eastern appetizer. It is a bread that comes with a variety of different fillings like mincemeat, seasoned mash potatoes, seasoned squash and leaks with green onions. This appetizer is a mouthwatering dish, but at the same time can be difficult to make and is time consuming. Will your product or service be offered by:____an existing company? __X__a new company imagined for the assignment?

My product will be offered by my own existing imaginary company HSY Foods. HSY Foods takes its name simply after my three sons Haseeb, Sohail, Yasir. HSY foods has been around since the year 2000, and is located in Sacramento California. HSY foods already offer ready cooked frozen foods that has been a success with its target market. Summarize the corporate strategy? (Remember your product or service must support the strategy.): The corporate strategy of HSY foods is to meet the needs of its customers by not only providing quality cooked homemade dishes but also at competitive prices.

What is the customer need that your product or service will fulfill? The most important need that my product will fulfill to its customers is the need of fulfilling the urge to eat quality ethnic foods. Most families in America unfortunately don’t have time to even simple meals let alone foods...
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