Recruitment and selection Consultation

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Assessment Task 2

Recruitment and selection Consultation


Business Profile
Survey Report
HR Plan
Advertising and selection
Position Description form
Training Evaluation Form

Business Profile

Dandyʼs meat shop is a meat and sausage establishment located in one of the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. It is managed only by one administrator who is a former butcher - Mr. Dandy. The aim of Dandy’s meat shop was to develop a regular loyal customer based on its tasty and quality products. Due to its administrator experience and knowledge and based on a good competitive climate Dandy’s meat shop developed a strong market position in the area.

Products and Services

Dandy’s meat shop offers a broad range of meat and sausage. All are of a great quality meat from local breeders. It caters to all of its customers by providing each customer the product that suits best.


Dandy’s meat shop focuses on lower and middle income markets. The dominated target market is comprising local residents who form the regular customer base. This has conducted the business to ensure stability and to be based on a consistent and regularly revenue. The touristy traffic also provide a good income for the business which is approximately 25 % of the income.


Dandy’s meat shop is located in Endeavour Hills Shop on the Heatherton Road.

Future direction

As the business is already based on a large local customer base the administrator would like to diversity the business by offering to the clients cooked meat. It has been observed that the demand for this kind of products has increased in the last few years.

Human Resources

The administrator of this business has a lot of experience in sales and also makes the difference in marketing and management. The company employs 5 full time butchers to handle customer service and day to day operations.

Survey Report

Summary of HR Policies and Procedures

Probationary Period:

All new employees must work on probation period for the first 60 days after they were hired. If the company determines that during this probationary period the employee’s performance is not satisfactory, the probationary period can be extended to another 60 days.


Employees who have passed their probationary period are provided the following benefits:

Vacation Benefits – 30 days/ year and 1 additional salary Sick Leave - 5 days/ year


Vacation time-off is to provide opportunities for rest and relaxation to all employees who past the probationary period.

Survey Instrument

To assess the current and future HR needs of Dandy’s meat Shop the following survey was done:

1. Does the local area provide a target market for expansion? 2. How many full time employees will be hired?
3. Does the company have the budget resources for advertising the new products? 4. Can the business attract specialized cookers for the new products? 5. Which is the percentage of the growth predicted for the next two years?

Completed Survey Instrument:

1. The local area provides a target market for expansion and a lot of enquires come for cooked meat. 2. 2 new part time chefs
3. The company has the budget resources to maintain an advertising campaign for the new products based on the financial results of the last 5 years. 4. The business is very well known in the area and can attract specialized cookers. 5. The business is predicted to grow with 15 % in the next 2 years. Conclusion:

With the expansion of the business, Dandy’s meat shop will hire 2 specialised part time chefs. As they will be working part time, a new set of policies need to be written.

Human Resources Plan

This are the areas that need to be revised in Dandy’s meat shop:

Health and safety

The top priority of the management is the safety of thei employees. There should be an...
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