Jamaica Broilers Group

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Strategic management refers to the art of planning your business at the highest possible level, and focuses on building a solid underlying structure to your business in order to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors. Strategic management hinges upon answering three key questions; what are the business objectives, what are the best ways to achieve these objectives, and what resources are required to achieve these objectives.

Strategic Management is defined as the art and science of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objectives (David, 11th ed. P.5). The purpose of this study is to show the importance of strategic management to the sustainability, profitability and growth of organizations, illustrated by a critical analysis of The Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies (JB). The study will look at the company’s objectives, its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. The company’s financial statements will also be examined to ascertain the financial status of the company. Additionally, Jamaica Broilers impact on nation building will also be examined. Recommendations will be given to suggest ways that Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies can improve their weak areas and as best as possible minimized the threats while capitalizing on their present opportunities and strengths. Overview of Jamaica Broilers

The Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies is one of the most advanced and diversified agricultural producers in any developing nation today. The company owes its success to a dependency on God's guidance with effective management, an attitude of service, and a firm commitment to goodwill of all our stakeholders. Using state-of-the-art technologies throughout the production and processes, each of our Group’s divisions constantly strives to achieve – and surpass – international standards of efficiency and quality. The company started in 1958 as Jamaica’s pioneer producer of broiler meat on a commercial basis. Today, it has a fully integrated poultry operation and has diversified into feed milling, cattle rearing, beef production and fish farming, along with the development and marketing of other value-added products for both local consumption and export. The Jamaica Broilers Group has also devoted significant resources to developing affiliated services that support our varied agricultural operations. These include veterinary and nutritional services, the wholesale and retail of a full range of farm products and the premixing of feed ingredients and concentrate. In fact, the Group now exemplifies sophisticated vertical integration in livestock production and processing. The end result: Quality products, home grown to international standards.

Corporate Divisions and Subsidiaries of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited: • The Hi-Pro Division Our feeds command a 54% share of the market – making us the undisputed market leader for this line of high quality products that aim to help the farmer achieve "profitable production" of a wide range of livestock.

• Jamaica Poultry Breeders Limited Jamaica Poultry Breeders Limited (JPB) was formed in 1978 as a new and wholly-owned subsidiary of Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, to facilitate the Group’s production of more than 50% of the fertile egg requirements.

• JB Ethanol Limited JB Ethanol Ltd., a fuel ethanol dehydration plant located at Port Esquivel in the parish of St. Catherine, is allowing our Group to take advantage of ready markets for ethanol, which exist in North America, Canada, some parts of Central America and CARICOM.

• Wincorp International Inc. – the core business of this company export and international trade of commercial, agricultural and industrial activities including poultry and livestock, farming and processing; manufacturing; building and construction; transportation; and the...

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