Food Industry Effects

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Outline Worksheet

I. Preliminary Work
Before you begin, look through your sources. What is the main purpose of each source? What are the major conclusions your sources come to? Make a list of all the main ideas related to your project topic:

- The purpose of each source is to help us find how food manufacturers are killing society by false advertisement and genetically modified food. The conclusions are the following: Sickness due to chemical or biological components in food, using aesthetics to attract client and food that contain only toxins without nutritive values.

II. The Outline
A. The Introduction – use the work you have done so far to introduce your purpose

Topic: Food Manufacturers and Society

Background Information: Food manufacturers are becoming a real threat to the society not only a physical one but also a mental one whereas people are aesthetically attracted by the food and the “ingredients” the food contains. What most people don’t know is that the food they eat is majorly components and isn’t natural. Also Food manufacturers are more in search of profit then to please the client. This business is very hard and competitive, that is why new ideas and tricks are always brought up to attract the consumer.

Research Question(s): How are food manufacturers killing us?

(Preliminary) Thesis Statement: Food manufacturers display false advertisement and modify food in order for it to be aesthetically attracting, but with no nutritive value.

B. The Body of the Essay- use your sources to outline the major parts of your essay

1. Topic Sentence: Food manufacturers’ use of unhealthy food and improper production areas Supporting Details:
a. Improper Sanitation in production areas

b. Use of rotten and fungus affected ingredients

c. No traceability of food making and ingredients used to produce

List the sources you will use for the ideas...
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