The Power of Food Knowledge

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Ronald Collins
Mrs. Adams
Composition 101
15 October 2012
The Power of Food Knowledge:
An Analysis of the Documentary “Food Inc.”
For my Argument Text Analysis, I chose the documentary “Food Inc.” by Robert Kenner. This Particular Documentary is about the truth of how your food is being made and how it is being governed. Food Inc. talks and explains heavily on how the business operate the health and safety of the food itself, of the animals produced themselves, of the workers on the assembly line, and of the consumers actually eating the food.

By filming “Food Inc.” Kenner is trying to inform the viewer about the negative things that are currently happening in the food industry today. Some of these negative things are the effects the food industry has on the people whether it be the consumer or the very farmer raising the food. He is also trying to persuade the viewer to stop buying from these nefarious food companies’ and to stand up against them to make them change their policies of how they make are food and how they treat the people they employ. Throughout the documentary Kenner is telling us about all the benefits that come with the food industry changing, like feeling safe about eating from a fast food restaurant, not having to worry about what’s in your food, and the workers and the farmers who make and prepare your food being treated fairly. This documentary is totally one sided, overall this documentary does achieve its goal of convincing the viewer that the food industry is in turmoil and it is up to us to change the way they operate.

The tone of this documentary is very informative, in the beginning of the documentary Kenner tells you that “there is a veil in-between the consumer and the food industry.” He says he became an Investigator reporter so that he could lift the veil that’s in-between the consumer and the food industry. His language is easy to understand, and seems to be addressed to the people that never even thought about what’s...
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