human nutrition

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HUMN NTR 2210: Chapter 1 Study Guide

1. Describe factors that influence our food choices?
Taste, appearance. Early influences
Routines or habits, advertising, economics
2. What is the difference between hunger and appetite?
Hunger is physical and internal controls whereas appetite is physiological and external 3. Define the term “satiety”.
Feeling satisfied ad appetite is fulfilled and no longer desire to eat. 4. Define the terms nutrition and nutrient.
Interactions between foods and organisms. The science that links foods to health and disease. It is the process by which human organisms ingest absorb and transport food.

A nutrient is a substance that contributes to growth and health from food 5. Name the chronic diseases associated with poor nutritional habits. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes

6. Name the classes of nutrients and their primary functions. Minerals- function in cell processs and nervous system
Vitamins- wital to life needed in small intities for chem reactions Water- most essential. For life. Solvent and lubricent
Carbs- need for energy
Proteins- makes up bones, muscles, blood cells, enzymes,
Lipids---fats and oils, essential for diet. Need 4 tbsp

7. Name the basic unit of the carbohydrate, fat, and protein classes. Carbs- sugar
Protein: amino acid
Fat: fatty acid

8. Define the term “essential” nutrient.
1. Needed for biological function
2. If omitted causes damage and health decline
3. Replacing the omitted nutrient restores the health

9. Name the functional categories of the nutrients.

10. Why is water considered such an important nutrient?

11. Define the terms phytochemical and zoochemical.
Phyto- plant components in fruits and veggies
Zoo- animal component in meat and cheese
12. Name an example of a phytochemical and its food sources.

13. Define the term calorie.

14. What are the energy (calorie) values used for a gram of carbohydrate, fat, protein, and alcohol?

15. Calculate...
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