Atkins Protein

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are we even talking about this? You don’t need to lose weight at all, so what are you dieting for, anyway? It’s better to like yourself just the way you are.”
“What do you think?” Mitchell says, turning toward you. “You’re taking biology. Don’t you think highprotein diets make a lot of sense? You think I should stick with this one?”
“Tell him he’s being ridiculous!” Janine insists. “He’s going to make himself sick.”
. First, fi nd out what nutrients Janine and Mitchell are talking about. Using a biology textbook and the resources listed, describe what the following molecules are and what they are used for in the human body. List some specifi c examples of each. Also list major dietary sources of each.
a. Proteins
b. Carbohydrates
c. Fats
. Janine made this statement: “… if your brain doesn’t get carbs—well, glucose, anyway—you get really cranky. You have to have enough carbs.” Find out if Janine is right. How does the nervous system use glucose? . Janine also said: “If you eat way too much protein and not enough carbs you can ruin your kidneys forever because of all the nitrogen you have to process breaking down the protein.” Find out if Janine is right about this, too. Check a biology textbook for information on protein, fats, and carbohydrates.
To fi nd out how these substances can be used for energy, look up information on cellular respiration.
. Th e words “calorie” and “energy” come up a lot in discussions of diet and nutrition. Use a biology textbook to defi ne both of these terms. Th en suppose you found a product that was labeled “caloriefree energy drink.” Why would that label be misleading?
. Which substances supply energy to the human

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