Atkins or "Fadkins"

Topics: Carbohydrate, Metabolism, Glucose Pages: 3 (668 words) Published: November 1, 2012
Part 1
a. Proteins
made of amino acids
main functions - cell synthesis and repair, energy as needed •examples - soy, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, animal products (milk, meats, cottage cheese, etc.) b. Carbohydrates
made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
main functions - primary energy source, fat and protein metabolism, energy reserves in stored glycogen, blood glucose fuels brain and CNS •examples - starch, sugars (breads, pasta, starchy vegetables, fruit sugars, simple sugars, etc.) c. Fats

made of fatty acids glycerol
main functions
saturated sources (dairy products, meat, margarine, chocolate, coconut oil, etc.), unsaturated/MUFAs/PUFAs sources (safflower/olive/soybean oils, tuna, salmon, etc.)

2. The CNS always needs a constant feed of gluclose form the blood because it needs energy much more than any other cells in the body and is unable to used stored gluclose.

3. When the body needs energy and there’s not enough carbs, then the body turns to stored fat for energy. Ketone Bodies are needed for utilizing fat stores for energy. This can be damaging to organs such as the kidneys. Excess proteins are also damaging to the kidneys.

4. Calorie – is a measure of energy released by food as it is digested by the human body Energy - all activities of the body require energy, and all needs are met by the consumption of food containing energy in chemical form This is misleading because calories ARE the energy. So if the drink is supposed to give you energy, then it has calories in it no matter what the label says.

5. Carbs fats and proteins all contain calories so they all have energy.

Part 2
1. Obesity really means having a BMI of 30+. Taking more calories in than the body is able to burn will lead to weight gain. Other contributing factors are medical conditions, medications, and emotional issues.

2. The set point theory says that the body has a natural weight that it likes to be and no matter how much physical...
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