nutrition assignment 2

Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin C, Irritable bowel syndrome Pages: 2 (986 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Shannon Jones Nutrition 14/01/2014

Client Profile

My client is a nineteen year old female who is of average height and weight. My client has a volunteer job, which consists of going shopping for elderly people who are or feel unable to leave the house to collect their own groceries or anything else they need for example my client will go to the house of a service user and collect a list they have compiled of what they need from the shop and my client will go and collect it. She will also pay any bills in the post office, post any letters or cards needed and also get gas and/or electric. My client also has a part time job on a saturday night where she collects and cleans glasses from the pub. My client works 10pm until closing time which is usually around 12-1am. My client also attends college monday to thursday, where she leaves her house at 7am to walk to the bus stop to catch the college bus and returns home at 5:30pm. My client enjoys walking her dog to the local park every evening for about an hour/an hour and a half in order to have exercise and try to unwind after college. When my client returns home, her mother who is a home carer for people who suffer from mental health disorders and have learning difficulties and/or other disabilities, is usually at work therefore my client is responsible for making her own tea which usually consists of something easy from the freezer such as pizza, chips, chicken nuggets or fish fingers with peas or baked beans. My client does not have a varied diet and therefore has a deficiency for a number of vitamins and minerals. My client also suffers from a condition called IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. My client smokes around ten cigarettes a day and drinks on the weekend, she regularly drinks a small amount on the weekend but can sometimes drink a large amount. My client has a heart murmur which she does not have to...
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