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Chapter 1:
1.Describe the development of Indian civilizations in North America from Archaic times until 1500. What were the major forces of change within these early populations? 2.What were the major similarities among European, Native American, and African societies? The major differences? 3.What were the forces that led Europeans to explore the New World? 4.What did the Spanish expect to find in the New World? How did their experiences alter their expectations? 5.What was the impact of European conquest on the population and environment of the New World? Chapter 2:

1.What were the key European objectives in exploring North America in this period? To what extent did England, Spain, France, and the Netherlands achieve their objectives? The key objectives for Europeans were to search for new sources of gold and silver, and to seek a path through the Americas to Asia. They also set out for fishing expeditions. French explorers did not discover gold or a path through Asia. 2.What was the “mourning war”? What function did it serve in Iroquois culture? How was it adapted to new circumstances in the seventeenth century? pg38 Mourning war was when a member of a clan died in battle, the tribesmen would get revenge on the enemy by either killing a warrior or seizing one and adopting him into the tribe to replace the dead clan member. The war functioned as a way to fill the space in tribal society caused by the loss of the member. 3.Compare the early encounters with Native Americans of the English, French, and Dutch. 4.Compare the early encounters with Native Americans of the English, French, and governments. 5.What was the “middle ground”, and how was it created? Indians and French traders accommodated each other’s cultural practices. Together they created a middle ground that was neither European nor Indian, but a new world created out of two different traditions. The middle ground came into being whenever the Europeans and Indians needed each...
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