ch 12 us history

Topics: Mongol Empire, Ottoman Empire, Empire Pages: 3 (823 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Big Picture Questions
1. The experience of empire for conquered peoples was broadly similar whoever their rulers were. Does the material of this chapter support or challenge this idea? Support your answer. 2. In thinking about the similarities and differences among the empires of the early modern era, what categories of comparison might be most useful to consider? Why? 3. Have a look at the maps in this chapter with an eye to areas of the world that were not incorporated in a major empire. Pick one or more of them and do a little research as to what was happening there in the early modern era. 4. Looking Back: Compared to the world of the fifteenth century, what new patterns of development are visible in the empire-building projects of the centuries that followed?  

Seeking the Main Point Question
1.     In what ways did European empires in the Americas resemble their Russian, Chinese, Mughal, and Ottoman counterparts, and in what respects were they different? Do you find the similarities or the differences most striking? 2.     What enabled Europeans to carve out huge empires an ocean away from their homelands? 3.     What large-scale transformations did European empires generate? 4.     What was the economic foundation of colonial rule in Mexico and Peru? How did it shape the kinds of societies that arose there? 5.     How did the plantation societies of Brazil and the Caribbean differ from those of southern colonies in British North America? 6.     What distinguished the British settler colonies of North America from their counterparts in Latin America? 7.     Summing Up So Far: In what ways might European empire building in the Americas be understood as a single phenomenon? And in what respects should it be viewed as a set of distinct and separate processes? 8.     What motivated Russian empire building?

9.     How did the Russian Empire transform the life of its conquered people and of the Russian homeland itself? 10.  What were the major features of...
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