Gunpowder Empires

Topics: Qing Dynasty, China, Tokugawa Ieyasu Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: February 10, 2015
Gunpowder Empires

Directions: Use the power point and the internet to answer the following questions. Answer all questions in ink only. All answers must be in your own words.

1. Identify the Gunpowder Empires. Include in your answers the leaders of the empires that established them. The gunpowder empires include Mughal, Qing, Tokugawa, and Russia. Their rulers such as Babar in Mongrel, Aisin Gyro, Tokugawa Lucia, and Peter the great in Russia. 2. Why is Akbar remembered?

Akbar is remembered because he was the one who created a huge influence in religious architecture in the Mughal Empire through his syncretic religion. 3. Identify the basis of the Mughal economy.

Their basis in economy is the majority of the peasants and tyranny and most of the otter classes usually included. 4. Describe the cultural of the Mughal Empire.
The culture of the Mughal Empire included many influences on the ottoman and Indian peoples. Most of their architectural styles demonstrated elements of pen skins and Islamic. 5. What exactly is syncretic art? Give some examples.

Sikhism, founded by shirt guru Narran as a religion that encompassed equality, acts of kindness, and many traditional rituals that had to be performed. 6. Identify and describe Sikhism.
Syncretic art was s specific form or type of art during the time that held Hindu and Buddhism influences at the time 7. Why do we remember Aurangzeb?
Aurangzeb is remembered because of his slim impulses top the orthodox of Islam. By missing the Hindu through destroying their temper, imposed that on them and removed them from public service, Tokugawa Shogundle, (1600-1867).

China: Ming to Qing

1. How did the Ming fall? Give clear evidence and examples.
The impeccable Christian influence wasn’t great. After the additional adoption of the religion it centers the Japanese power and later declined and eventually became prohibited. 2. Describe the revolts against the empire.

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