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Snapshots are all taken directly from the Advanced Placement Course Description for world history. In general they approximate most nearly the “Compare and Contrast” essay. They can be converted to “Change and Continuity over Time” essays


A. Compare and contrast Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures.

B. Compare and contrast any two of these cultures:

1. The Neolithic Revolutions
2. Early civilization
3. Pastoral nomadism
4. Shifting agriculture

C. Compare and contrast any of the following two religions or philosophical systems for gender systems and social hierarchies

1. Hinduism
2. Confucianism
3. Chinese popular religion including religious Daoism
4. Shintoism
5. Philosophical Daoism
6. Buddhism
7. Judaism
8. Hellenic philosophies
9. Christianity
10. Generalized Polytheist religions including shamanism

D. Compare and contrast the collapse of classical civilization in the Mediterranean and South and East Asia; determine why the collapse was more severe in the Mediterranean than these other two regions.

E. Compare the Hindu caste system with other systems of social inequality in the ancient and classical worlds of Rome, Greece, Mesoamerica, the Andes, or China.

F. Compare and contrast ancient and classical sedentary cultures based on cities with pastoral, nomadic societies.

G. Compare and contrast the development of institutions and traditions (political, social, economic, or intellectual) in any two of these classical civilizations:

1. China
2. India
3. Greece
4. Rome
5. Mesoamerica
6. Andes

H. Compare any two of the interregional trading systems:

1. Mesoamerica
2. Mediterranean
3. Southwest Asia
4. South Asia
5. East Asia

I. Compare and contrast the political and social structures of any two of the following ancient civilizations:

1. Mesopotamia
2. Egypt
3. Kush-Meroe
4. Indus Valley
5. Shang China
6. Mesoamerica (Olmecs, Mayan)
7. Andean South America

J. Compare and contrast the intellectual accomplishments of the classical Chinese (Zhou, Qin, and Han) and Mediterranean civilizations (Hellenic, Hellenistic, and Roman).

K. Compare and contrast the rise, development and spread of Buddhism and early Christianity in the Mediterranean, Central and East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

L. Compare and contrast the popular movements and settlement patterns of any two of these peoples: Indo-Europeans/Chariot Peoples, Germans, Polynesian, or Bantu.


A. Compare and contrast Japanese and Western European feudalism. (Note you might want to consider adding Zhou feudalism).

B. Compare and contrast political and social institutions in Western and Eastern Europe.

C. Analyze the roles and functions of cities in major cultures (Islamic, West European, East Asia, Western Africa, Eastern Africa).

D. Compare trading alliances and patterns of trade in any two of these regions:

1. Northern Europe (Hansa)
2. Mediterranean (Venice)
3. Abbasid Muslim world
4. The Silk Road of Central Asia
5. Trans-Saharan Trade Route
6. East Africa/ Swahili cities
7. The Indian Ocean.
8. Southeast Asia

E. Compare the roles of politics, social classes, and gender in Christianity and Islam.

F. Analyze gender and social systems and any changes over time as caused by interactions and religions such as the impact of Islam and Neo-Confucianism.

G. Compare the Aztec and Inca Empire.

H. Compare...
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