European Imperial Goals 1580

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The Imperial goals in North America of the British, French and Spanish from 1580- 1763

In the late 1500's many countries desired to increase their wealth and power by improve their imperial interests in the new world. The British, French and Spanish all had similar goals in imperializing and colonizing North America. These countries all took slightly different methods in achieving the overall goal of claiming North America and its riches for their respective nations. The differences in these goals and how these states went about achieving these goals effected the overall outcome of the colonization of North America.

The Spanish realized that North America held precious metals such as Gold and Silver. They also desired the rich array of foods that were unknown to the old world. Foods such as Corn, potatoes, pineapples, tomatoes, tobacco, beans, vanilla and chocolate. These treasures drove the spanish to imperialize North America. Spain dominated the 1500's as they searched for treasures in the new world.

The French had similar goals as the Spanish. They desired to control the resources available in North America, but they also wanted to spread their religion to the New World. King Francis I sent missionaries and explorers to the new world around 1523. They then founded New France, the French north american colonies. However the french were not very successful unlike the spanish and they signed over New France to Spain and Britain in 1763.

In 1583, the British launched their first attempt to colonize North America. Queen Elizabeth sent Sir Humphrey Gilbert across the atlantic ocean in an attempt to land in Newfoundland and colonize it for Great Britain. Unfortunately, Gilbert died in 1583 at sea before he was unable to make it to Newfoundland. This fault did not slow Queen Elizabeth's ambitions of colonization. In 1585 the first expedition landed on the shores of North Carolina in Roanoke island. Roanoke however, did not amount to much and...
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