Global Events and Leadership

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Global Events and Leadership

The Global Issues workshop Is the start of your journey Towards understanding And developing leadership Skills The leadership modules continue the process

The GEL Workshop Tutorial Teams January 2012
David Allen Stephen Parry Tudor Rickards Susan Moger Dina Williams Leigh Wharton Louise Pinfold Pikay Richardson Kamel Mnisri (e-facilitator) Alistair Benson

Workshop Overview
Introductions Global Events and Leadership The Leadership Resource Challenge Global Issue Project Global Issue Presentations Team Factors Study Project and Workshop Review Briefing for assignment 2

What you will Learn from the Forum
Understand the processes of business analysis of a complex issue with global implications How to evaluate a text (book, article, project brief, situation) through map reading, map testing, and map making How to work in a team and understand leadership and team dynamics while managing uncertainties (‘ambiguities’)

Introductions (and warm-up)

‘…Didn’t we meet somewhere before?’

MBS Projects
Project Team studies at MBS are part of an educational innovation known as The Manchester Method MBA teams ‘learn while doing’ business projects’ Team tutors began to recognise consistent patterns of success and failure

MBS Project Team Studies
Creative leaders help reconfigure the structures under which team members operate. Team-building structures overcome inter-personal barriers and establish team norms In a ‘dream team’, leadership provides benign (supportive) structures which help transcend established norms

The Leadership Resource Challenge
Table Teams discuss favourite books which team members have found of value Select a book to share with the wider group Agree which book to share with other teams (to be presented by one person nominated by the team)

Global Issue Project
In this team project you are given a text which examines an issue’s global implications Your team task is to...
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