Topics: Australia, Federation, Law of the United States Pages: 3 (836 words) Published: April 8, 2013
1.The main reason for federation?
DEFENSE: a central body was needed for the defence of Australia •IMMIGRATION: laws were needed to regulate entry of migrants in Australia •INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES: industrial disputes had begun to spread across colonies to colonies •UNIFORM LAWS: as the population grew, it was necessary to have uniform laws on issues such as banking, currency, marriage and divorce, that would be administratively more convenient and provide equal treatment for all Australians 2.Why do you think Australia chose a federal system of government? Australia chose a federal government system because of the advantages, some of these included: economic, trade transport and communication, power checking, provides choice, a feeling of belonging (nationalism), helped with fear of other races, states were given more independence (thus allowing the states to tackle their own problems and develop strategies to overcome these) and these states that were distant from Canberra were easier to govern with a federal system. Most evidently, a federal system would tackle social, economic and cultural differences. 3.What do you think were the two most serious disadvantages of the federal system? How could these disadvantages be overcome? -A serious disadvantage is the contradiction of policies in different states, for example the education policies and assessments; this can cause extra inequality between states. -Another serious disadvantage is the neglect in important areas of public policy. For example the Murray River system, which depends on the cooperation of states. These disadvantages can be overcome by collaborating together, and resolving issues fairly, even though each state is responsible for its own laws there needs to be communication and resolution between states, therefore they can correspond with each other and abolish these disadvantages 4.Should we retain a federal system? Is it effective?

Even though in the 19th century, a federal system...
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