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  • Analyzing the Importance of Laws in United States

    Analyzing the Importance of Laws in United States BUSN-115 Sept. 20th‚ 2014 Introduction In the United States‚ the public capital markets are controlled basically by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The laws that helps and provides the SEC the permission to define the form and content of the financial reports filed with the Commission. The SEC is accountable for administering federal securities laws written to give protection for investors. (Skousen‚ K. Fred‚ 1991). At the

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  • Stricter Gun Laws In The United States

    gun laws. The National Rifle Association and gun supporters in Congress generally claim that gun violence occurs the most in the states with the toughest gun laws. However‚ a thorough study done by the Center for American Progress proves the opposite. From their study‚ the Center for American Progress concludes‚ “The 10 states with the weakest gun laws collectively have a level of gun violence that is more than twice as high—104 percent higher—than the 10 states with the strongest gun laws” (qtd

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  • Gun Rights And Laws In The United States

    In our history of the United State guns have been a way of life. A gun can save a life or a country from a criminal act or terrorism. What rights we have to guns‚ how important guns are to our safety‚ how many people own and sell guns in United States is something we should all be concerned with. Guns and gun safety is something we all need. The rights and laws to gun are outlined in federal and state codes. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia

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  • Child Labour Laws In The United States

    Throughout the United States there are a number of common laws that regulate how old certain employees must be in order to perform certain tasks. Child labor laws exist to protect the rights and well-being of individuals under the age of 18 in relation to employment. By knowing what common child labor laws apply to your business and your employees‚ you are better able to take steps to protect your workers and your business interests. Each state has the ability to set up specific laws for the regulation

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  • The Role Of Family Law In The United States

    The traditional definition of family‚ especially in the United States‚ has made it rather difficult to recognize the legitimacy of families because of the complications of U.S. family law. For example‚ the U.S. uses marriage and biology to define the family. Under this concept‚ same sex couples with their children would not be considered a “family” nor would individuals who adopted children. Although problems still exists within the law‚ the federal courts have stepped up over the past several years

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  • Gun Control Laws In The United States

    control is accepted and also frowned upon by many United States people. There is a Second Amendment gun act to help prevent any laws to be passed that involve hurting or changing the Second Amendment. Surprisingly many of the guns are being bought by only a small percentage of people. “Today two hundred sixty-five million guns are owned by only fourteen percent of the gun owners in the United States”(Turkewitz‚“Today”). Too many gun control laws enforced can cause problems with the Constitution and

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  • The Importance Of Gun Laws In The United States

    major domestic policy issue is the war of guns. The United States has the highest total guns in the world with a total of 270 million guns. The people’s rights to bear arms has been protected under the second amendment but unfortunately with this right‚ there has been a rise in gun deaths. Such incident can be seen in the Sandy Hook shooting- an elementary school massacre-. Not only that but there has been multiple mass shootings in the United States on December 2‚ October 1‚ August 8‚ July 23‚ June

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  • The Jim Crow Laws In The United States

    During the time of Jim Crow laws existing‚ I believe that it had a major influence and impact on the United States based on how more harm was taking place than the good. The reason why I believe this is because the laws were favouring more white people than black in the state and local news in the United States which occurred in the years between 1876 and 1965. Therefore‚ the more harm than good events were turned to the black people because they had many restrictions of the way they live in the

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  • Drunk Driving Laws In The United States

    Considering I was a state legislature‚ I would be very passionate about the drunk driving laws within our state. You see I see now real difference in murder‚ lets say aiming a weapon at someone an shooting them and fatally killing them vs. drinking a fifth of whiskey purposely choosing to get behind the wheel of a car and killing an innocent person. Where the difference comes into play in my opinion many people have drove a motor vehicle while drinking and never shot anyone‚ therefore less likely

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  • The Importance Of Discrimination Laws In The United States

    Discrimination laws passed in NC and Miss. Mississippi is the poorest state in the US‚ with 24.1 % or 695‚915 of its citizens living below the poverty line. It also ranks last in its rate of child poverty (33.7%)‚ and subsequently last in hunger and food insecurity. The South needs to examine its history‚ if they want to continue to be prosperous. For a hundred years after the Civil War‚ the south was a third world country. American business was loathe to make investments in the old Confederacy

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