Water Resources Should Be Nationalized

Topics: Water, Nationalization, State Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 7, 2010

India is one country united by various states to have peace within,we should live together by sharing our wants with each other. Surplus should be shared.
Every state has dispute in sharing water resources with its neighbouring state. Then and thereproblem arising between peoples of two states.they are not allowing neighbouring state vehicles to enter into their state. We have enough water from nature but we tend to overuse or misuse it. Some parts of India are flooded with rain,they don’t have place to live till the flooded rain water gets drained,in some other parts people are longing to get water for irrigation and their basic needs. Loss in one place can be utilized as a resource in one place. So India as whole will be benefited.

The main purpose of national utilization of water resources is uniform and proper use of this resource at every place,in order to avoid problem between the states,nationalization should be done,but on the other hand it is also necessary that it should not be merely a political agenda. The rivers flowing from the north to south are not 100% utilized by the individual states efficiently. Because some state may need water and some may not need depending upon the geographical location,requirement,agriculture,etc. So the unused water of these rivers are directed to the sea. So what the government has planned to nationalize the rivers by constructing a water channel from north to south,like hoe the national highways are there in our country.we will have the water highway routes in the form of the channels.

AS PER MY KNOWLEDGE THE PROBLEMS IN IMPLEMENTING THIS I THINK ARE At present water resourcesin India are under the control of respective state government,to nationalize it all state governments must accept it. Detailed well planned architecturehave to be prepared to connect all rivers without any city gets affected. Lakhs and lakhs of acres of land will be...
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