Water Management in India

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Water Shortage and Management in India

Water has become a significant problem in the 21st century. India being one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, its agricultural supplies are uncertain. The rapid pace of globalization and modernization in the country has gradually caused some parts of the river basins to limit access to the basic resource.

About 25% of the world’s population doesn’t have adequate amount of water for ideal living and hygiene, leading to more than 2 million people being at a disadvantage from diseases faced with water insufficiency. As towns moderately become metropolitan cities, it’s encouraged population growth leading to a demographic change, which then raises concerns on the availability of fresh water. India with 16% of the global population, it has only 4% of the fresh water resources, showing us the contrast in life quality and resources.

Multinational corporations have exploited the water in India, as the country lacks effective laws to control the problem. Besides, water in India is witnessed to be privatized, making it treated as an economic good.

The regulation ranking of different water management policies has implications for the level of authority at which changes must be effected. State governments needs to be more initiative in attempting and improving agricultural procedures to enhance water efficiency and the agricultural productivity. However, in India, subsidies are very much preferred in the political economy of state policy towards agriculture. This puts a downside to the farmers’ incentives thud leading to imprudent water use, locking the system into an equilibrium that is difficult to be maintained at times of economic boost.

At national level, there are several cabinets and organizations, which have constitutional authority on the management of water. The National Water Mission (NWM) document suggests a comprehensive approach to the matter, relating it to challenges of climate change, where

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