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UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY AND REGIONAL PLANNING COURSE TITLE: GEOMORPHOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY COURSE CODE: GEO 302 INDEX NO: SS/BSS/10/0010. QUESTION What is Hydrology? Hydrology is an essential field of science since everything from tiny organisms to individuals to societies to the whole of civilisation depends so much on water. Water is, therefore, an essential resource that is required by all life on earth and covers about...

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Intro to Hydrology

CE 110 Hydrology Cornelio Q. Dizon Assistant Professor Institute of Civil Engineering University of the Philippines CE 110 – HYDROLOGY COURSE DESCRIPTION: Weather and hydrologic cycle; precipitation, evaporation, transpiration and infiltration; groundwater flow; rainfall-runoff relations; unit hydrograph; storage and channel routing; flood and drought frequency analysis COURSE OBJECTIVES: To introduce students to the basic definitions and principles, analytical methods, design methods...

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Name: Lee An Qi Class: 3H/7 Date: 2 June 2012 Urbanization is the process that leads to an increase in the number and proportion of people living in urban settlements such as cities or towns. It also refers to the increase in the size of land area occupied by urban settlements. To cope with urbanization within a drainage basin, urban development and deforestation are carried out, which affect flows to and within a river channel. Other factors like drainage density, climate, area of drainage...

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Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose Born in a country with a large number of rivers, the interest in Hydraulics and Hydrology prodded in me since I started my Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. The fact that Nepal is one of the richest countries in water resource always used to make me prouder. Therefore I always took exceptional interests in the subjects like water supply, hydraulics, hydrology, irrigation and hydropower engineering I considered myself lucky that I got the chance to complete my bachelors...

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Methods Of Estimation Of Flood Discharg

advanced techniques, both have their disadvantages. CN values have not been widely assessed for New Zealand and often reflect local hydrology poorly, and both the SCS and unit hydrograph discount the importance of changing pre-storm initial conditions (ie, antecedent soil moisture). 4.2.2 The Rational Method The Rational Method is a widely used technique in engineering hydrology, although it is known to produce results that have large uncertainty (see McKerchar and Macky, 2001). It can be used as a screening...

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Carlisle Flooding

Carlisle Case Study: The Carlisle Floods of January 2005 1. Introduction/Location background information 2. What was the hydrology of the January 2005 flood? e.g. which rivers were involved/what was the rainfall (mm)/how high was peak discharge (cumecs) etc… 3. What caused the heavy rainfall? 4. Skills section: construct a hydrograph in excel using the data 5. What were the impacts of the flood event on the local population and the environment? Or you can pick your own river...

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Water Pollution

Most water pollutants are eventually carried by rivers into the oceans. In some areas of the world the influence can be traced hundred miles from the mouth by studies using hydrology transport models. Advanced computer models such as SWMM or the DSSAM Model have been used in many locations worldwide to examine the fate of pollutants in aquatic systems. Indicator filter feeding species such as copepods have also been used to study pollutant fates in the New York Bight, for example. The highest toxin...

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Surface Runoff

limpahanpermukaan), interflow, and ground water flow (air dari punca bawah tanah). 1 Runoff results from rainfall occurrence in a hydrologic catchment. Rainfall-runoff relations are Interflow/subsurface and base flow/groundwater flow very important in hydrology. 2 Most work on the prediction of runoff requires past records. 3 The problem is that some streams are not gauged. Also, non-recording gauges only gives the volume of water and not intensities 4 There is the need to get records of stream...

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Stream Ecology Intro

Ecology (Second Edition). Academic Press, CA. 3- Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists This book discusses how to study a stream. It addresses and defines many terms that will be useful to know before studying your stream. It also discusses all factors that could be affecting the stream you are studying. The book discusses stream flow, currents, salts, vegetation, and much more. Gordon, N.D. 2004. Stream Hydrology: An Introduction for Ecologists. Wiley, NJ. pp 446. Review Articles: ...

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Water Follies Precis

Précis – Water Follies Purpose: This text was written in order to bring light to the fact that as the science of hydrology has grown enormously in recent years, the legality that dictates how ground and surface water may be used has been stuck in the 1800s. Argument: There is a detrimental disconnect between science and policy regarding domestic water usage that encourages rampant misuse and exploitation. Glennon argues that the common property resource of groundwater urgently requires more...

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