F&B Procedures

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1. Smile and be cheerful when serving/ attending to customers. 2. Serve all drinks and solids from the right.
3. Serve bread and butter from the left.
4. Present food from the left.
5. Use your farthest hand when serving.
6. Never show your thumb on the edges of the plate.
7. Never reach in front of the guest or across the guest to serve another guest. 8. Serve ladies first. If these are children, serve them first, the lady next, then the gentlemen, and lastly the host. 9. If there’s honoree or guest of honor serve him first. 10. When using a tray, place heavy items on the center to keep it balanced. 11. In lifting trays, bend your knee and not your back and lift the weight with your legs. 12. In carrying trays, lift with your shoulder and let it rest on your shoulder and the palm of your hand. 13. Avoid lifting glasses when pouring soft drinks or other beverages except when it is hard to reach and danger of accident is eminent. 14. Continuously refill water goblet.

15. Always keep the table neat by dishing out soiled dishes and picking up wrappers, etc. and replacing ash trays. 16. Serve hot dishes on hot platter, cold items on cold platter. 17. Use side towel, not napkins to pick up hot plates.

18. Fill coffee/ tea pots ¾ full, bottles to the neck to avoid spilling on accidents. 19. Warn guests when plates, container or handles are hot. 20. Mention the name of the dish as you serve it to the guest. 21. Always underline fruit juice, glasses, cereal dishes and soups. 22. Check food presentation before serving.

1. Familiarize yourself with the set-up in the dining area.| Find out what tables are available for 2, 3, or 4 people and what tables are prepared for guests who made reservations in advance.| You have to do this so that you don’t have to ask guest to wait while looking for a table.| 2. Stay at the outlet entrance.| Approach the guests, look at teach one, and greet them with a smile and say: “Good morning ma’am/sir. May I suggest a table for you?”| Mention the name and title of the host if you know it.| 3. If there are no more tables available, tactfully inform the guest and advise him to have a drink at the lobby lounge.| Graciously look at the host and say “I’m sorry ma’am/sir but we are fully booked at the moment or until (mention time). Would you care to have a drink or coffee at the lunge while waiting? I’ll call you as soon as I have a table available for you.| Don’t just say “Sorry, we’re fully booked”. You’ll be losing patronage once a table is vacated.| 4. If the guest has made a reservation, inform him that a table has already been prepared for his party.| Tell the host “We have prepared a nice table for your party Mr./Ms._________. Lead his party to the table reserved for them and say “This way please”.| Don’t ask the host if he has any reservation lest he’ll feel he is not welcome if no such reservation is made. Upon mention of the host’s name, you’re expected to know what table is reserved for them.| 5. Lead the guest towards the table.| Walk a little ahead of them with your one hand outstretched and pointing at the direction, say: “This way please”.| Never say: “Just one?” or “Are you alone?”| 6. Once the table is found, the waiter or captain should assist in seating the guest.| Pull the chair of the ladies unless escort advance to do so.| If extra chairs are needed at the tables, have these attended to as guests are approaching the table.| 7. Once the table is found, ask them if the table is alright to them.| Look at each one and say: “Will these table be alright for you ma’am/sir?” (Do these before they get seated.)| Loud, noisy portion should be seated at the back of the dining room so they will not disturb other guests. Elderly or handicapped persons will find it...
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