Unit 066 Unit 2

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OUTCOME 6 Be able to provide physical care for children.

AC1. In my unit I always encourage personal care.
Before and after breaks and lunch because I work in the baby unit we use cotton wool and water to wash the children’s hands and face, while some of the babies cant do this by themselves, there are other’s that can. While I wash the smaller children’s hands I would always tell the babies that it is important to wash our hands before we eat so we have no germs on our hands, I also sing different songs about washing i.e. This is the way we wash our face etc.
I support the older
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I then write this on the child’s sheet. Before given any child medicine for a temperature I will phone the child’s parents to let them no about this and to ask if it is ok for their child to have Calpol.
In my setting all medicines are kept in a locked cupboard, unless they need to be kept in the fridge inside a basket.
AC 3. In my setting we have Health and Safety polices set in place that I always follow on lifting and handling equipment. I always make a risk Assessment before lifting any equipment, for the safety to myself and others. When lifting equipment I bent my knees and keep my back straight, I also do this when lifting a child, I hold the child close to me with one arm under the child’s bottom and the other arm across my chest and around the child’s back to support them, by holding the child this way I am able to see all around me so I can a ensure I can avoid any hazards, and ensure that the child can not leap out of my arms. children to keep myself the children and the people around me

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