Nickel and Dime Section 2

Topics: Supply and demand, Employment, Wage Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Nickel and Dimed -- Section 2 Reading Quiz
J. Kinder

1) Explain what confuses Ehrenreich about the “law of supply and demand” in Portland. 2) Explain some of the physical difficulties of being a dietary aide at the nursing home. 3) Explain some of the behavior rules that the management of “The Maids” has for the employees. What do you think they are intended to accomplish? 4) Explain how Ehrenreich felt The Maids’ cleaning methods were lacking. 5) Choose one co-worker who interested you. What makes him/ her differnent? 6) Describe one difficulty of working as a maid that Ehrenreich found surprising. 7) What did Ehrenreich find when she looked to community charities for assistance before her checks started coming in? 8) What does Ehrenreich discover or come to believe about the people who hire maid services? 9) What difficulty does finding housing present for her?

10) Ehrenreich “cheats” once, using her connections at home to solve a problem. What is it?

1. Normally is the supply is low and the demand is high, the price is high. But in Portland it doesn’t work that way for its workers. Its supply high, demand high and wages low. 2. She is struggling with keeping up with the dishes and her job really relies on the cook as to how smooth and easy her job goes. 3. The maids play an act for each place they clean, sort of as a role the boss makes them be a part of to act like they are servants and enjoy their job. 4. She felt the Maids cleaning was lacking because the maids didn’t actually do a thorough clean. Each maid was trained to make it appear as if everything was cleaned, they were even taught tricks like oiling the silverware to make them shine or to clean the edges of the carpet because that is what is easily noticed. 5. Pete- because he puts on this act as if he doesn’t really need to work, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t be a cook in a nursing home. I don’t really understand the whole concept of...
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