Gun Control

Topics: Crime and Punishment, The Police, The Gathering Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Jahwon Gordon
Mrs. Clement
AP Lit – F

Study Guide for Lesson 7

1. Luzhin regrets not having been more generous with Dounia and her mother because he has to attend the memorial dinner held later that day. 2. Dostoevsky remarks that Lebeziatnikov is a “scrofulous little man” which means he is morally corrupt. 3. Luzhin gives Sonia a ten-ruble note.

4. She had the funeral brunch in view of her financial circumstances because of her pride. 5. Katerina resents her because of her haughty nature and blames the declination of her more elite invitees on her haughtiness. 6. Raskolnikov is ‘exposes’ Luzhin’s motives and yet he wouldn’t want anyone to expose that he murdered the pawnbroker. 7. Luzhin attempts to disgrace her at the funeral brunch. 8. Raskolnikov figures out Luzhin’s motives.

9. Lebeziatnikov shows some good qualities when he defends Sonia. 10. Marmeladov’s funeral brunch is pathetic. The people at the gathering manage to begin a quarrel and forget the real reason behind the gathering. The gathering itself wasn’t a genuine action, it was held just because of Katerina’s pride. 11. Raskolnikov approaches Sonia in a remorseful way.

12. Raskolnikov’s emotional reaction before he confessed to Sonia was a loss of pride. 13. Raskolnikov sees Sonia and Lizaveta as helpless creatures that cannot fend for themselves. They are best friends. 14. Sonia’s reaction is sympathetic; she does not judge him for what he did. 15. Sonia is eager to link the murder with rage-induced motives. 16. Raskolnikov’s theory sounds flawed. He, himself, realizes the error in his theory. 17. Raskolnikov doesn’t know exactly why he committed the crimes. 18. Sonia advises Raskolnikov to confess to the police.

19. He faces the burden of saving himself or doing the right thing. 20. Sonia believes that Raskolnikov is redeeming himself by going to confess and the cross represents this redemption. The cross represents...
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