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Topics: Psychology, Therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Sigmund Freud, Unconscious mind, Psychotherapy / Pages: 7 (1713 words) / Published: Nov 20th, 2013
1) T he content of the unconscious mind is the focus of ________ therapy.
A) R ogerian
B) r eciprocal inhibition
C) p sychoanalystic
D) b ehavioral
E) i nsight
2) M AO inhibitors and tricyclics are two important types of
A) a ntipsychotic medications.
B) a ntidepressant drugs.
C) b ehavioral therapies.
D) p sychosurgeries.
E) c ognitive fear reduction techniques.
3) J anet has an intense fear of spiders. Her therapist picks one up and lets it sit on her shoulder. The therapist is utilizing ________ therapy.
A) a version
B) e xposure
C) P ost-Freudian
D) p sychodynamic
E) c ontingency
4) T he ________ approach to therapy would be appropriate for a person who persistently mutters out loud "I am stupid, I am a moron, I am a fool"
A) p sychosurgery
B) b ehavioral
C) c ognitive
D) c ontingency
E) s ociocultural
5) J ohanna and Stuart are seeing a couples therapist. The therapist is LEAST likely to help them figure out how they
A) d ominate or confuse each other verbally and non-verbally.
B) c an each help the other express his or her feelings and ideas.
C) c an reinforce desirable behavior in each other.
D) c an use projection and transference to improve their relationship.
E) c an develop nondirective listening skills.
6) A support group would be most unlikely to deal with
A) j ob-related work-place conflicts.
B) h elping relatives or friends of addicts cope with the associated stresses.
C) a ddictions such as alcohol or gambling.
D) c oping with mental and physical disorders.
E) m anaging crises such as divorce or the death of a child.
7) _ _______ was the 1950s researcher who created a furor by claiming that psychotherapy does not work.
A) B eck
B) E llis
C) E ysenck
D) F reud
E) S ullivan
8) E lectroconvulsive therapy has proven successful in treating
A) s evere depression.
B) o bsessive-compulsive disorder.
C) g eneral anxiety disorder.
D) s chizophrenia.
9) T he Consumer Reports study of personal

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